Repurpose Your Knitted Jumper Into A Infinity Scarf

From Knitted jumper to infinity scarf

Over the last few days the weather has definitely shown its on the change and Autumn is well and truly with us. Although we have not had to turn our heating on yet the flip flops have been put away and have been replaced with thick socks and snug boots.I love this time of year taking long walks through the woods, feeling the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot and collecting pinecones, acorns, conkers, chestnuts with the children. Finishing off the walk with a mug of hot chocolate and a homemade chocolate brownie before heading home to curl up together on the sofa.

Each Autumn I watch the shops fill up with chunky knit scarves and after looking at the price tag dream that one day someone will buy me one for Christmas. But this Autumn it got me thinking, surely its not that hard to make one without sitting there and actually doing the knitting  (I am not very patient when it comes to knitting) or spending out any money? After raiding my wardrobe,  looking for a jumper that had either shrunk in the wash or never suited me but kept it just in case I changed my mind, I found the perfect jumper to turn into a infinity chunky knit scarf.  After half an hour of cutting and sewing I had my new (FREE) infinity scarf I had dream about owning for such along time.

Jumper 5

Scarf 3

Here I am wearing my infinity scarf during a Autumn walk.

Happy creating your Free infinity scarf for this Autumn/Winter



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