How To Create A T-Shirt Skirt



One of the things that came up in zero waste week last week was decluttering and moving on what we no longer need rather than cluttering up our homes. In my house we don’t have very much clutter as I find moving items on that we no longer need or use  a stress reliever But as always I still found something to declutter when I went on my mission to declutter and my t-shirt draw was the one to take a good clear out. There is something about t-shirts and my self that seem to have a loveable connection and no matter how many holes or faded they are. Any way after looking really hard at each of my t-shirts and trying to decided whether I really could live with out some of them, I managed to reduce my t-shirt collection from 30 down to 10.The next thing I had to deal with was what am going to do with all these t-shirts I no longer want? Not one of them were good enough to sell or donate to charity and I really did not want to part with them. There are so many ideas on the internet from recycling t-shirts  into rugs, dish cloth’s, childrens clothes etc.. But none of them took my fancy and I really wanted to continue wearing them. (I know I really do need to get a life and learn to part from my clothes rather than just hanging on to them till death.)

Then I came across a blog called Life Is Art by Amber, (which is a fantastic blog and I highly recommend you pop over and have a look) she had made her daughter a skirt out of some of old t-shirts. (In fact she makes a lot of clothes for her daughter out of t-shirts)  Although there was no tutorial on how she made her daughters skirt, I thought it can’t be that hard and I am sure I can figure out a way of making myself one.

wpid-20140911072346_1.jpgWhat You Need

  • Old T-Shirts
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Imagination and Time

wpid-20140910_102528.jpgTake a pile of old t-shirt and work out what colour combination you would like your skirt to have. Then cut the front and back of your t-shirt away from the arms. ( You need to have a rough rectangle)

wpid-20140910_104141.jpgAs some of my t-shirts were shorter than others a couple of them I doubled up to make them longer and sewed them together just at the seam of the hem on the top t-shirt and then I trimmed the excess off of the t-shirt I added to the bottom above the line of stitching I had just sewn.

wpid-20140910_110656.jpgI then placed 2 of the t-shirts together with the backs facing each other, (The opposite way you would normally lay your fabric when sewing together) pinned them together making sure the bottom hems lined up together. Sew the two pieces together either a straight stitch or  zig zag. Please note that your stitches are going to be on show when your shirt is finished. Afterwards you need to trim as close to your stitches as you can without cutting your stitches.

wpid-20140910_122602.jpgAfter you have sewn all the panels of your t-shirt skirt together the front should look something like this.

wpid-20140910_122719.jpgI then cut the bottom hem of one of my t-shirts because I thought it would make a good waistband. I slipped the waistband on to make sure it was the right size, I had to alter the size as it was too big so I just pinned were I need to add a new seam line. Slipped it off and sewed were the pins were, trimmed and one waste band was created.

Fold your skirt in half and measure against your waistband to make sure  it will fit , If its too small add another panel. Pin and sew the two ends together and then pin your waistband to you your skirt. Sew your waistband to your skirt making sure you don’t stretch your waistband or skirt as you sew or they will stretch out of shape.

wpid-20140910_130136_2.jpgThis is how my skirt ended up looking once I sewed the waistband in. ( I will get round taking a pic of me wearing it in the next couple of days when the sun is shining)

What creations have you made from your old t-shirts?


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