“One More Thing” Was I Plastic Free For A Week?



This past week has been zero waste week and I have been looking at our plastic waste and have tried to live completely zero free of plastic waste. But what I have found is thats impossible to live a whole week with no plastic waste unless you do a complete overhaul of your house and spend around a month preparing. So in that way I was unprepared for the task I challenged my self for. But I don’t feel I have completely failed because it has highlighted how much plastic we rely on in our home and how much plastic we throw away either in our rubbish bin or recycling box.The reason we started this challenge was after visiting to our local beach over the summer months and I could not believe how much plastic was spread across the beach that the sea had watched up. Not only did this destroy the beauty of the beach and our fun building sand castles,  it also made me think how much our small family were also responsible for some of the plastic that is polluting our environment.

wpid-ibphotocollage20140906_185905.jpgMost of the plastic spread across the beach were everyday household plastic rubbish 

So although I failed the overall challenge to be completely zero plastic waste, I have made some major changes to the way we shop and how I need to take responsibility for not only my own personal plastic waste but as a  family we need to take responsibility for our over all plastic waste.

So what have I achieved

  • I started work on my diet coke addiction resulting in only two 1.5ltr bottles going in the recycling box this week . (The week before it was easily ten and thats not counting the small bottles)
  • Stopped buying squash by making our own lemonade and rhubarb cordial.
  • I bought rice from my local Lidl in a cardboard box instead of in a plastic bag. (Although I did have to spend more than I normally would  as you can not buy large boxes of rice like you can bulk buy in large plastic bags of rice)
  • Made my own pasta  instead of buying it in plastic bags. I did try drying the pasta over night but I think I did not roll the pasta out thin enough so its on my list to try again this week when the children are at school to dry our own pasta but the fresh homemade pasta was so much better to taste than the bought stuff.
  • I ordered my first ever cupcakes that are packaged in cardboard rather than plastic, I am so looking forward to these arriving in the post. I just hope the way they package them for the post contains no plastic.
  • Made a bulk order of bamboo toothbrushes, I think we may have enough to last us a year but at least this way it will stop the yo yo of going from plastic to bamboo and back again.
  • After having a long talk about plastic waste with my local health food shop it turned out they receive their salt in bulk and then bag it up in the shop. They offered to fill my own glass jar with salt and said when ever I run out to pop back in and they will refill my jar again. FANTASTIC

There is much much more we need to do from looking at our stationary thats made from plastic to convincing hubby that homemade toothpaste is the way to go. But by making one change at a time each week over a period of time we should be completely zero plastic.

How has your zero pledge been this week?

Was it plain sailing or did you come across some hiccups along the way?


7 responses to ““One More Thing” Was I Plastic Free For A Week?

  1. Phew you’ve done really well and made me think about all the plastic we’re using! Luckily we can recycle a lot from the doorstep where I live but there’s still a lot to do – well done to you all 🙂

  2. Great news on the salt – how exciting is that! Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts Emma; you’ve achieved SO much! I hope you feel proud of all you’ve done yourself and to inspire others

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