“One More Thing” Reducing Plastic

Reducing Plastic

I can not believe Zero Waste is here, it feels like I have been planning for this week for months but on the other hand I feel so disorganised. Any way the theme this year is “One More Thing”, what one more thing can you do to reduce your waste?  I pledged a few weeks ago that I was going to try my hardest to go plastic free and the other day I let you into my most dirty secret concerning my own plastic waste.  But apart from zeroing out my diet coke bottles (shhhhhhhh)  what else can I do to reduce my plastic waste?

  • I already use cotton or hemp  shopping bags 
  • I already naked shop at my local butchers and fruit and Veg shop
  • I have 80% of our vegetables delivered to us each week by the lovely organic farm shop Riverford
  • I make my own bread and bake our cakes
  • I have a milkman deliver our milk in glass bottles
  • I make our own sauces and jams
  • I make our own bees wax cloth (instead of clingfilm)

To answer the question I feel like I have been banging my head against a brick wall what else can I possible do? The only way I could figure this out is monitor everything that goes into the bin and the plastic recycling box!


plastic waste

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh even though I thought we were being quite good with our plastic useage actually we are not that good and this is just some of the things I found that contain some sort of plastic. (Yes the butter wrapping does contain plastic, there is a thin layer between the paper and foil)

Some of these plastics are easy for me to eradicate from our waste for example

  • Black bin bags – Unfortunately I need to use them but I have found I can get some biodegradable bin bags. Although they are more expensive than the normal plastic black bin bags, I feel its worth the little extra cost to reduce our plastic mark on the planet.
  • Dr Bronner Castile Soap – We use this soap for nearly everything, from cleaning the house to washing ourselves but we don’t have to buy it in liquid form we could just buy it in hard soap  form and grate off what we need into hot water.
  • Diet Coke – I am working on this now and hopefully by the end of the week there will be no more bottles in our waste.
  • Squash / Juice – I am already making natural flavored water for my self (to replace the diet coke) so I will give that to the children as well. Which will not only cut down our plastic but also cut down the amount of sugar my children intake.
  • Salt – I have found out that my local health food shop sell salt in cardboard boxes  so the next time I need to buy salt it will be added to my health food shop, shopping list.
  • Toothbrushes – Instead of jumping from plastic to bamboo back to plastic and then bamboo, to be consistent and only use bamboo toothbrushes in the future. (buying bamboo toothbrushes (affiliate link) well in advance of needing a new toothbrush will stop the hopping around)

So my challenge for this week is I need to find a way to buy our rice, pasta, butter, cupcakes and toothpaste without plastic being involved.

How much plastic ends up in your rubbish bin or recycling box each week?

Is there anything you use thats plastic and you could change the product slightly so it does not contain plastic?


 Some helpful tips I have received on social media from you guys 



9 responses to ““One More Thing” Reducing Plastic

  1. Really interesting, I am going to try fusing the plastic wrappers I gain this week and make a sandwich case. Do you use paper cases for cakes?? I’ve put some used ones in the compost bin today.. Not sure whether it will work!!!

    • I do use paper cases and I compost the used ones but the paper cases come in plastic pot and that’s were I have a plastic problem. I am trying to find out if there is a company that sells cupcake cases in a carboard box or something similar.

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