Homemade Vanilla Extract

Home Made Vanilla ExtractI love the smell and taste of vanilla which is why I use it in nearly all of my baking but the vanilla extract you can buy in the supermarket is not true vanilla extract and comes in a plastic bottle. You can buy true vanilla extract from nearly all health food shops but its expensive for a small bottle. Which is why I make my own extract for half the cost of the health food shop and I can be completely sure its a completly truly honest extract.

Mommy Emu's Homemade Vanilla Extract

There is just one important thing you need to know when making your own vanilla extract is to buy Extract Grade B Vanilla Pods as grade B vanilla pods contain less moisture, which means less water gets in your vanilla extract. The cheapest way to buy your pods is in bulk, I buy mine from here. (Affiliated link)

 Instructions For Homemade Vanilla Extract

Not only does this extract taste good in your baking but you can also use it as a homemade perfume and can be given as a lovely homemade Christmas Present.

Vanilla Extract Perfume

  1. Placing a small amount on the tip of your finger and dab it behind your ears or on your wrist.
  2. Allow it to dry and sniff to see if it is strong enough.
  3. Apply more only if needed; you don’t want to overdo it.
  4. Reapply during the day or evening as this scent will fade faster than a normal perfume due to lack of fixatives. (Keep a little with you in you bag in a small glass Jar (Affiliate Link) for retouches during the day or evening.)

What are your favourite uses for vanilla extract?

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