I Have A Confession To Make

I have a confession to make

Although for over a year I have been working hard with my family to live a lifestyle that is kinder to the environment and to our body’s. I have been keeping a personal secret which I cant keep any more if I am to succeed on my pledge to be plastic free during Zero Waste Week.

Diet Coke 2


Without the help of any of my family members, I personally create a massive amount of plastic waste through my empty coke bottles.  I have been in denial up until now amount my personal plastic mountain waste and my responsibility to the plastic bottle issues because I always recycle my empty bottles. But unfortunately just recycling them does not cut it and I need to stand up and take responsibility for my actions.

going to do

Ok so denial over and I need to look my personal diet coke plastic bottle mountain in the face and change my ways.

The first and the most important thing I am going to do is stop drinking diet coke or any other fizzy drink all together! This is going to be hard because I am so use to just grabbing a bottle when I am thirsty at home or driving the car.  But after doing a lot of research on how best to get rid of your diet coke addiction without having either too many side effects or slipping back into your old habits is to have a plan set out with what you are going to drink instead.

my plan

stopping the coke habit
  1. Lemons are great for cleaning your body of bad toxins and when lemon juice is drank first thing in the morning helps kick start your metabolism as well as clean your palate. Because of all these things lemons are also the best fruit to help you cut out your cravings for sugary drinks, drink half the juice of lemon in cold water every time you crave a sugary drink. Do this for 2 – 3 weeks and after this time you will not crave sugary drinks as much or not at all.
  2. Homemade Flavoured water is cheap and easy to make that can be kept in the fridge for when ever I am thirsty. There are some fantastic recipes but I liked these the best.
  3. To replace the caffeine hit that I get from diet coke, have a pot of tea brewing all the time. Tea is great caffeinated drink that I can drink either hot with some rice milk or cold as a refreshing drink. Either way I will still get my caffeine pick me up throughout the day.
  4. Digg my metal reusable bottle out of the cupboard and carry it around with me everywhere. I can fill my bottle with flavoured water or cold tea before I go out and if I run out while I am out and amount I can refill with simple tap water.

So here it is I have faced my addition to diet coke and my plastic bottle waste.  I know its not going to be easy to kick my addiction but I am going to put a 100% into it so by the end of Zero Waste Week I will have NO plastic bottles in my recycling bag.

Do you have a secret about the waste you create that you need to stand face to face with?


14 responses to “I Have A Confession To Make

  1. Wow, that’s a biggie because it IS addictive. I’m wondering, if all else fails, if you could REDUCE plastic bottles by using a soda stream – I’m sure they have a coke flavoured syrup for their machines. Best of luck hon; the great thing about this is you will feel so much better and be more healthy if you can kick this habit, so it’s a win-win for the environment, but most of all you…

    The waste I need to stand face to face with is that I have OCD, so kitchen towel is a ‘must’. I have lots of beautiful reusable cloths but if I think someone else has used it I can’t use it, so it ends up being washed and washed (probably unnecessarily). I’ve ditched kitchen towel for a week, but it was really tough and as soon as life gets stressful (like during ZWW) ironically!) then I find the OCD kicks in even more and I use EVEN more kitchen towel. Sigh. I do my best by composting it, but it weighs heavy on my conscience.

    This is like a confessional LOL!

    • Thank you so much for your kind word. I have a mild form of OCD where my house is concerned so I can understand some of what you are going through. Good luck on your paper towel waste and I really hope next week is not too stressful for you.

  2. Well, you OCD lassies need to visit my house and sort me out…I wish I could be completely organised and tidy all the time, but alas, there’s always something more important and pressing to do…
    Emma, I must say, ‘Well done you!’ for admitting your addiction. Because it creates a recyclable waste, it would be easy to just put it down to you not creating waste (there’s at least no landfill), but I think more importantly your health is the priority here. I have heard many horrible stories about soft drinks and what’s in them, not sure if they’re true or just urban myths, but I guess sometimes it’s not worth the risk. If you manage to kick this habit and I believe that you will, you will not only feel healthier (and less guilty) but you will have that warm fuzzy satisfaction that you beat the addiction, it didn’t beat you!
    I must say, making yourself accountable to everyone who follows your blog will make it a lot easier, they will hold you to it, but also just putting it out there means you will be much more likely to stick to it. My husband stuck to his weight loss plan extremely well because he put it out there and it kept him accountable (he lost 17kgs).
    Can I suggest a few things that might also help. We make our own lemonade which is just divine and just today I also learnt how to make passionfruit syrup (to make cordial) and the kids love it. Both have sugar added but we are sugar fiends in our family and need that kick every now and again. My kids don’t drink juice as a rule so when we make these they are a real treat! If you would like either recipe, let me know!
    I wish you luck with your journey!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. Your homemade lemonade and passionfruit sounds lush. Would you be able to send me the recipie for these so I could give it ago at making them. Thank you again for your support.

      • Of course!
        For the lemonade:
        I dissolve about 3/4 cup of sugar in 1 cup boiling water. You can use more sugar but I try and keep it down since I know my kids drink a lot.
        Add 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice. Then just keep adding cups of cold water until it is to your taste. I usually add 3 or 4 cups, not sure exactly because we just taste it when it looks the right colour and decide whether it tastes good. My kids help me with the tasting!

        And here is a link to the passionfruit cordial I just made for the first time today. You don’t need to use much because it’s quite concentrated, so it should last a while.
        N x

    • Sadly my OCD only relates to hand washing not keeping the house clean and tidy!
      I’d love me an OCD cleaner 😉

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  4. Oh thank you for this confession! One thing that helps me (I have a real love of fake orange cheezy snacks – doritos, cheetos) is reading the ingredients list which always (well almost always) scares me off of eating them. I think this would help with diet coke too since certainly the ingredients list on that bottle would be a turn off – let’s see, carbonated water, caramel color, aspartame, phosphoric acid, potassium citrate, natural flavors, citric acid, and caffeine — yuck, that doesn’t sound so good, does it? And by drinking less of it, not only are you creating less waste but also think about the industrial process that goes into making those things – and therefore the waste that is created before you even drink it!
    Good luck and thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thank you so much for your support. I was so nervous when I wrote this post and told the world my addiction. But I have been so blessed with so much support. Thank you x

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