Time To Relax And Spend Time Together

time to relax and spend time together
My children broke up from school for six weeks at the end of July so I decided to clear my diary and spend the first three weeks of the summer holiday with my children and my lovely husband so we could regroup and enjoy a few weeks relaxing in each others company.
In Order for us to fully take advantage of this this time I set our family a few ground rules.
  1. No TV during the day and only turn the TV on during the evening to watch a film together as a family.
  2. Reduce to the minimum time spent on social media (this rule was mainly for my self and my  son)
  3. We all had a say in all the activities we took part in.


At the very beginning of the first week my son had a accident on a skateboard and broke his wrist which changed a lot of the plans we had. But we still managed to have a fun packed week with attending and helping out at our local church holiday club in the mornings and playing board games, building lego structures, being creative with our art supplies etc in the afternoons.  We also celebrated my youngests daughters 5th Birthday Party with a family BBQ.

week 1

We spent our second week camping in Wadebridge in Cornwall a Christian festival called Creation Fest, with a group of our friends. We had fantastic weather and it gave us time to totally restock our lives on how far we have come in our eco journey and how far we still have to go.  My girls learnt to ride their bikes (Eleanor can now ride without her  stabilizers) and fly a kite. In the evenings we enjoyed dancing the night away to some fantastic bands and we got the chance to watch some great films in a makeshift cinema in a tent.

Week 2

This week we have just been chilling at home, catching up with friends, going to the cinema and watching movies at home.

Movie Night

Taking this time has not only brought us closer as a family it has also given us plenty of time to talk about how we all feel about our environmental journey we started over a year ago and what we feel works for us, what we struggle with and how we see ourselves living our life in the future. During these discussions we made some exciting plans for the long term future and agreed we needed to work on some things harder in the short term.

We have decided to reduce our lifestyle even more by working even harder at creating a simple living lifestyle; As we enjoyed our month of buy nothing new and found that half the things we treat ourselves to as luxuries we don’t actually need and how resourceful we found our selves to be when we needed something but could not buy it new. So we have decided to extend this challenge till December; Last but least work harder at cutting out our plastic intake into our home each week to the point where we become at least 90% plastic free in our home.

Sometimes we all need to stand back from our busy lives and take stock of what we have and enjoy the company of the people who we live with, to appreciate everything we have. I personally think this is the first year where I have not been wishing the school holidays away, looking forward to the children going back to school.  Instead I am looking forward to the next three weeks having the children at home with me and building more exciting family memories with them.

How has your summer holiday, school break been going?

What exciting family days have you been enjoying?




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