From Plastic Cuttlery too Bring You Own


We are off on our camping holiday in 4 days and as we have been packing and writing menus for the week. It got me thinking about how much single use plastic we use when we are away from the home.  We already have metal drinks bottles and reusable hot drink cups but if we get a take away fish and chips to eat on the beach or when I am busy rushing around and I get a take away salad (useing my own reusable naked shopping pots) from our local salad bar. We end up useing the single use plastic cuttlery that comes with our take out.

But this problem has simply been solved by costing us as little as £4.00. In our local pound shop they were selling metal childrens cuttlery sets ( I bought 2 of these) and in our local charity shop they were selling at set of adult metal cuttlery set. These have now been added to my back pack / handbag so we always have our own cutlery to use when we treat our selves to a take out.

No more do we need to except the single use cutlery we are offered to eat our meal with when we are out.

How is your plastic free challenge going?
What single use plastic have you cut down on?


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