No More Plastic Milk Bottles


Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at cutting out our use of single used plastic as part of plastic free Tuesdays challenge. Last we eradicated all bread plastic bags from our family home. This we are eradicating plastic milk bottles!

Every family use pints and pint of milk each week for breakfast cereal, cold drinks, hot drinks and to make puddings. But unfortunately this staple ingredient in our home comes in a plastic milk bottle from the supermarkets and local corner shops. These plastic bottles are a pain, there plastic top is not recyclable and not every county collect the bottles to recycle.

Before we relied on supermarkets and corner shops to provide us all with milk in plastic bottles, we relied on the friendly milk man to deliver all our milk to our front door in glass bottles. So this git me thinking why do we have to buy our milk plastic, surly the good old milk man still exits or in our convenience shopping culture seen the end of the milk man?

After a quick search on the Internet I found to my joy full surprise the milk man still exits and they deliver three times a week in my area. Also they have a lovely app where I can order our milk to be delivered, the quantity and let them know in advance when we are holiday.  So not only will they deliver organic milk in glass bottles to our family front door, I can also change  our order whole on the go. Not only that I found our lovely milk man can deliver us our organic butter and freash bread if we would like. I am so excited it’s unbelievable to find out this very old traditional industry still exits.

So off course I ordered our milk and yesterday when I woke up, bounced down the stairs and opened the front door our milk was sat there waiting for us.


No more plastic milk bottles in our house, we only have glass ones and we are also supporting a local dairy and industry at the same time.

How does you milk arrive in your home, plastic or glass?


9 responses to “No More Plastic Milk Bottles

  1. Hello

    Actually the plastic milk bottle tops are recyclable – ask your council why they don’t collect them – they need to change their contractor.

    Good luck with the glass bottles – I found it was too expensive for 3 teenage boys who drink pints at a time.

    Best wishes


  2. Oh that brings back memories. We always had our milk delivered to our doorstep in those glass bottles when I was a kid! Good for you supporting your local milkman!! 🙂

  3. Unfortunately the milkman here delivers in plastic bottles, the same milk I can get in the supermarket cheaper. No Organic mik. I can recycle the bottles with lids on or tetrapacks my recycling bin.

  4. We get our milk delivered in glass bottles too, I love it. However, as ours comes through Dairy Crest (milk&more), it’s not exactly supporting local farmers. I wish I could find a local independent, as Dairy Crest is not great with how they treat their suppliers…

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