How To Wash Your Washing Machine


Recently our washing machine has been smelling funny, even though we use no chemicals to wash our clothes with. I just could not understand were the horrible smell was coming from after all soap nuts have no smell and when you wash your clothes you would think the washing machine would self clean. But after alot of research I found this is not true you still need to clean your machine every now again weather you use shop bought washing powder or use a eco washing products, to clear dirt build up or lime scale in your machine.

In fact giving your washing machine a clean is really easy, only needs doing every three months or so and in doing this helps keep the life of your washing machine last longer.


3 cups white vinegar
1 cup baking soda
20 drops of eucalyptus aromatherapy oil

Add all the ingredients into the soap section of your washing machine soap draw.
Make sure your washing machine is set to its highest temperature, extra rinse cycle and heavy solid setting.
Turn your washing machine on and walk away.
Once the washing machine has completed all it’s cycle, your washing machine is nice and clean ready for you to wash your next load of clothes.

Who would have known it’s as simple as that to keep your washing machine clean and working to its full potential?  Not me that’s for sure but now I do and we now have no more nasty smells and a very clean washing machine.

Do you give your washing machine a wash? How often do you wash your washing machine?


6 responses to “How To Wash Your Washing Machine

    • No you are not daft at all, i did not know about this either untill this week. I buy our white vinegar in bulk at our local bookers but you can buy it in smaller quantities glass bottles at any supermarket.

  1. This is brilliant – I was only thinking this morning that the washing machine was getting a bit whiffy. I get my white vinegar for cleaning from the Summer Naturals website where you can get it in 5lt bottles. Unfortunately they are currently out of stock. But as soon as they are back on I’ll be getting some.

  2. How do you add the soda and vinegar at the same time without it foaming everywhere and running out of the machine?

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