No More Plastic Bread Bags


This week’s plastic free Tuesday I am looking at our plastic bread bag waste. Although I do try and make our own bread as much as I can, unfortunately there are just more days when I don’t have the time to do it than days were there is time to stand and hand kneed bread. This means we rely on shop bought bread most of the time but with shop bought bread, one you don’t know what bleaching and other chemicals it contains and second the bread comes in a plastic bag.

So how do I solve this problem?

Yesterday while I was at my parents I noticed they had a bread making machine in their garage. After enquiring what was wrong with it my Dad gave it to me and said “If you can make use of it have it.”


So this is the answer to eradicate plastic bread bags from our house and it also saves my time standing kneeding the bread dough as I can add all the ingredients set the timer, walk away and wake up in the morning to fresh bread.

But there was one thing although this has eradicated the plastic bread bags from our rubbish the recipe book for the breadmachine said I needed to use powered milk. I don’t buy powered milk and although powdered milk comes in a carboard pot the lid is plastic. So I thought I would add fresh milk in stead. Although I was not really sure how this replacement would work but when our first loaf came out the machine this morning it looked no different to bread from the bakers and it tasted great. So that tiny change did not really make that much difference.


Our fresh bread this morning cut for toast and pack lunch

How much plastic bread bag waste do you think you have in a week? How could you reduce this plastic waste in your home


10 responses to “No More Plastic Bread Bags

  1. Nothing quite like homemade bread, even that from a bread maker. Just to let you know I don’t add powdered milk or butter to my machine mix and it tastes just fine!

  2. I was given a second hand bread maker too and haven’t looked back. We’ve cut out buying bread in plastic bags completely. One thing I would say is I don’t think you need milk (powdered or otherwise) in the bread mix. As long as you have flour, yeast, salt and sugar it should be perfect.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I agree with the other commentors – you don’t need powdered milk. You don’t even need wet milk really or butter. I use water and olive oil most of the time and it is lovely. Milk can give the bread a lovely texture but it is not necessary and since we often put our bread maker on timer to have fresh bread in time for breakfast and I don’t want milk standing out all night in the Summer I don’t bother.
    We use our bread maker all the time and rarely buy bread and I’m so pleased you’ve got one too!

  4. Finding plastic-fee bread is a real headache. Not even the bread in my health food shop comes unpackaged. I’ve now found out that a woman who runs a little coffee shop near where I live bakes bread to order. It’s delicious. She normally wraps it in cellophane, but I asked for it ‘naked’ and just pop it into a cloth bag when I pick it up. That’s the beauty of small businesses: You can just talk to them and ask.

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