Week 3 & 4 Buy Nothing Challenge

week 3 & 4 buy nothing new challenge

I have combined week 3 and 4 of our buy nothing new challenge together because these last 2 weeks have all rolled in together. I spent week 3 of our challenge packing and unpacking to go on holiday. I always thought I packed light but actually when there is a bag weight limit, I don’t actually pack light for my girls at all. But after packing bags  and unpacking our bags by the friday we were finally packed and ready to go without having to buy anything new.

Week 4 started with an early wake up, one hour car drive and a three hour boat trip, to  arrive on our fantastic holiday on the Isles of Scilly.  (I wont bore you with all our holiday snaps but the Isles of Scilly are beautiful and well worth the visit if you get the opportunity)

farm shop

Local Farm Shop


One of the things I was worried about being on holiday apart from the weather was sticking to our buy nothing new challenge but as it turned out I had nothing to worry about, apart from the main island St.Mary’s there are only a corner shop, lovely tea room, gallery filled by local artists and fantastic farm shops dotted around nearly every corner on the island we stayed on and the other islands we visited.

Tea room

Local Tea Room (owned by a lovely couple) 

Instead of being tempted to buy new things there was just the temptation of sandy beaches, lots of country walks and soak up the massive history the islands have to share with everyone who visits.


The Local Gallery 

I must confess to buying a few new things while we were away, which broke our by nothing new challenge but in the long term will bring back memories of our fantastic holiday. I bought my husband a drift wood fishing boat made by a local artist, my son some local fudge (as my husband and son was unable to join the girls and myself on holiday) and the girls a hoodie each with the Isles of Scilly on the back.

How is has your last two weeks been going buying nothing new?



2 responses to “Week 3 & 4 Buy Nothing Challenge

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! And really the gift you bought your husband is upcycled, and food is allowed as you have to eat! So really, challenge achieved! Well done!

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