Week 2 Buy Nothing New Challenge

week 2 Buy Nothing New

Well we have reached the end of week 2 of our buy nothing new challenge and boy am I glad this week is over. (Although I am rather late writing this post) This week has been packed full with attending an award ceremony, getting ready for our holiday and father’s day. But after doing a few calculations I think we have saved around £250 so far during this challenge which is fantastic. We have put this money towards paying off extra on our bills which has given us such a great satisfying feeling.

This week I was invited to attend The Observer Ethical awards and as I could not buy anything new to wear and on the invitation it said ethical dress code, I decided to wear a dress that I bought nearly 3 years ago for a friends wedding. I then raided the local charity shop for a handbag and managed to pick one up for £1 but my hair needed to be coloured (as I have hit the age where I am starting too go grey) so I booked a hairdressers appointment to have a cut and colour. This did not sit with me very well because I was not sure if I was breaking our buy nothing new rule. But actually after thinking about it we all need to look after our hair and look presentable and by visiting the local hairdressers I am putting money back into the local community and supporting a local business, so it is all fine.

EmmaIn my recycled dress traveling to the Observer Awards 

In less than a week I am off on my holiday with the children so I thought it was time I started going through their clothes and sort out what I need to pack for the girls to take away with them and what might need adding too. (a list for the charity shop) It my amazement they only needed a few bits and pieces like t-shirts, socks and pajamas. With my list in hand I headed into town and searched all our local charity shops with a budget of £20.


Its amazing what you can pick up in the charity shops! I managed to find lots of t-shirts, socks and even a dress shirt for my self. This bundle pictured above cost me £7 and I am sure if I had bought all these things in a high street store it would of cost me around £50, what a massive saving. Although I could not find any pajamas that fitted my girls  but I did find  in one of the charity shops two men’s shirts that would be ideal to turn into pajamas and these cost me 50p each.

Once I got home I set up my sewing machine and started to cut up the men’s  shirts, although i was not that sure on how I was going to make some pajamas. But after a evening and the following morning of sewing I had produced two pairs of pajamas for my girls to wear in bed on our holiday.

girls pajamas

My girls modeling their new pajamas 

This week we also celebrated Father’s day, this was a challenge to think of something we could give my lovely husband without going to the high street to buy anything. My husband owns his own taxi and each day he collects receipts for fuel, car wash, food etc..  but he never has any were safe to keep them. So I thought if I made a small wallet from a recycled tie this would be ideal for him to keep all the receipts in. So present sorted how are we going to wrap it as we don’t have any wrapping paper left?  At the end of the day I thought he is not really going to be that interested in the wrapping and wrapping paper just ends up in the recycling bin. So the children and I warped his present in a sheet of old newspaper. On Father’s Day  my husband thought the wrapping was funny and loved his new recite wallet.

farthers dayOur Buy Nothing New Father’s Day Gift

Also this month we are combining another challenge with our Buy Nothing New Challenge which is Slow Fashion in June. (This is where you adapt something in your wardrobe into another piece of clothing or add embellishments to an item to clothing to bring it up to date with the current fashion) Well a few months back I made myself a new pair of slippers out of an old woollen jumper but with the lovely weather we have been having these slippers are too warm for my feet now. So I started to look at how I could make another pair for the summer months, when I came across a great tutorial on Instructables where you turn an old pair of jeans into slipper flip flops. I deal I thought as I have several pairs of jeans in my fabric scrap pile. After following the instructions very carefully and probably taking longer than it should off to make them, I was so pleased with the result and my new pair of summer slippers were born.

new shoes 3

These are my new   summer slippers 

How has your week of Buy Nothing New been? Have you come across any stumbling blocks?


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