Buy Nothing New – Week 1

buy nothing new week 1

I can not believe we are at the end of week one of our Buy Nothing New Challenge, the week has gone whizzing by and I have really noticed we have not bought any thing.

So this was quite a easy week for us as there was nothing apart from food we had to buy. (really boring I know) The only stumbling block  we came across was light bulbs. Something I had never really thought about before this challenge as I would just pop down the local DIY shop and pick up some more when needed them. But low and behold this week two of our kitchen bulbs went pop on Tuesday. I must admit that I did go into a slight panic for about 10 minutes about how I was going to get around this problem without going out and buying some more so I hit Twitter and Facebook asking for advice.  (Just in case you thought I had gone completely mad our kitchen lights are recessed into our kitchen ceiling so its not just the case of pinching one from a lamp in the bedroom)  After I had calmed down and had a think about the best suitable solution, I pinched two bulbs from the living room ceiling.

This is all very well for a month but in the long term how do you get around not buying light bulbs for a year if we decided to extent this challenge? Well over on Twitter I was given the answer!

So I popped over to ebay and  had a look and yes you can buy used light bulbs on ebay, problem solved!

As we are going on holiday this month I thought I would have a go at making my girls some new new summer dress to take with us.  But I was unable to buy any new fabric so I had a quick search through my t-shirt draw and found two t-shirts I don’t really wear any more, ideal for making a little summer dress with. I am really impressed with the results and the girls love them too. All we need now is some sunshine while we are away.

new cardigan

The other day I mentioned how I had been asked to take part in Slow Fashion this month.  Well I don’t have very many cardigans and I could do with some more with summer on its way. But what I do have is some woollen jumpers that I never wear and don’t really know why I bought them in the first place. Ideal for turning into cardigans I thought but did not really know where to start. Then I came across I Am Momma – Hear Me Roar blog post on how to turn a simple jumper into a cardigan.  I Am Momma has a fantastic tutorial that is very easy to follow and has loads of pictures. (My kind of tutorial) So this morning I sat down with one of my old jumpers and my sewing machine and in less than 2 hours I had made myself a cardigan. I am so impressed with the results that I am going to dig out the other woolen jumpers I don’t wear and make myself some more.

How is your first week of buying nothing going? Have you come across and stumbling blocks and if so how did you resolve them?



7 responses to “Buy Nothing New – Week 1

  1. Wow, I am hugely impressed with your dress-making! I have just been given a sewing machine so planning on trying myself. YOu are doing very well with the no-buy, really inspirational for me x

    • Than you, this was the first time I have had ago at button holes as I have always been scared of them. But actually they are really easy so will be pushing my self further. May be zips next!

  2. Love the little summer dress you made from a t-shirt! I’ve turned jumpers into cardigans too – so simple and I get far more use out of them! With the lightbulbs I’m slowly changing ours over to LED ones as they need replacing. They are a little more expensive, but the idea is that they will then last a lifetime and never need replacing – which has got to be good! Good luck with the coming weeks not buying anything new!

    • Thank you so much. The one thing I do need to look into next month is weather we can get LED light bulbs for our kitchen and living room ceiling lights.

  3. Hello, I really loved your site. Unfortunately i found it on the second page of google. its really a shame that big G is not ranking your site among the best of the best.

  4. The summer dress is really cute and I love the cardigan! I’m always thinking I need more cardigans, but I don’t have any jumpers I want to chop up though….

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