Slow Fashion

slow fashion

Every now and again over on Twitter we ask each other to get involved in each other’s challenges as we all try to live a more sustainable environmental lifestyle. The latest challenge I have been asked to take part in coincides with a challenge I have already set my family this month. Zoe Morrison asked us to join her throughout June with her Slow Fashion Challenge.

This challenge makes us all look at our clothes and how they make it to our wardrobe; from where it’s made, to how it’s produced and the ethics each fashion house has.  After all the amount of time it takes the latest designs to go from the catwalk to the clothes rack is becoming less and less every year.

Zoe suggests on her blog how we can all join in her challenge

You could: Wear the same pair of shoes every day for a month, Thin out your wardrobe and choose a set number of clothes to wear for the month – how low can you go? Do you need 20 items or could you cope with 5 or even less? Get creative and embellish just one unloved item of clothing, shoes or accessories. You could even make an accessory like a brooch with scraps you find around your home.. Mend something that wouldn’t otherwise Or join me and create a whole new outfit from what you already have – it doesn’t have to fit in with the latest fashion trends, it could just be a reflection of your own personal style!

So how am I going to merge this challenge with my current challenge Buy Nothing New?
First of all I thought it was going to rather difficult, but after a lot of thinking and consideration I don’t know why I thought it was going to be difficult. After all I don’t need to buy anything brand new for this challenge.

Slow fashion hoilday packing

 I thought I would use Slow Fashion as part of my planning and packing for our weeks holiday at the end of the month.

  • The girls need a couple of summer dresses, so I am going to raid the charity shops and buy something I can adapt or create 2 summer dresses for each for them. I already have an old shirt my dad has given me and I thought I would turn into a dress for them.
  • My husband believe it or not does not own a pair of shorts even though we live in sunny Cornwall. I can make a pair of trousers I find in the charity shop into shorts for him.
  • I own only 2 skirts and I would like to take another skirt on holiday with us and I will make myself a new skirt out of a piece of clothing I already own.
  • If I have time after doing everything above, I will look at embellishing some tops or t-shirts to bring them up to date with spring/summer fashions of 2014.

Do you fancy joining us in The Slow Fashion Challenge? If you do we would love to see your creations and hear how you are getting on either on Twitter #slowfashion on Facebook.


5 responses to “Slow Fashion

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    • You are very welcome and I am enjoying teaming up slow fashion with our buy nothing new challenge. It all really makes you think what you are doing before you do it.

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