What can I Do with Worn Out Pants ?

What can I Do with Worn Out Pants ?

We all wear pants and over time after being worn thousands of times either; the elastic stretches so much that they won’t stay up anymore or what started off as a small hole grows into a massive one overnight. What should we do with all these pants? After all, pants are not a cheap and over the period of our life we will end up consuming hundreds of different pairs.

  1. Make your own duster – Cut your old pants down the seam line, cut the elastic off all the way around and cut out the gusset. With the fabric you have left cut into rough squares.
  2. Make Your Own Scrubbing sponge – Cut all the elastic off your pants and then stuff inside a plastic net lemon or onion bag. Tie the bag up and start scrubbing, when you’re scrubbing sponge needs a clean just add to your washing machine with your normal laundry load.
  3. Make Your Own Sanitary Towels – Sanitary towels are full of chemicals that are not healthy for your female parts. (You can find out more here) I have found a fantastic tutorial at  Hillbilly Housewife
  4. Compost – As pants are made with 100% cotton your pants can be added to the compost and will biodegrade with your other kitchen waste. Just cut off the elastic of your pants and then cut up your pants into small pieces.
  5. Cushion Filling – Pants make a great stuffing for your cushions alternatively you can use it to stuff new cushions for your living room / bedroom.  To make your own cushion sew 2 pieces of scrap material together, leaving one side then stuff full with your old pants or any other cotton clothes that can no longer be repaired. Sew up the opening and you have new pants stuffed cushion. Now all you need is to find some pretty fabric and make a cover to go over your new cushion.

Not only does this reduce the waste in our house by reusing our old pants but it also means the money we save from reusing them can be saved and added to our outgoings budget.

What do you do with your worn out pants?

How do you extend the life of your pants?




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