10 Unusual Uses For Vodka

10 Unusual Uses For Vodka1

I am not a big drinker and even less of a spirit drinker whereas my husband does like a glass of vodka and coke at Christmas. My husband is not at home much over Christmas he does not really get the chance to have a glass except on Christmas day. He is a taxi driver and Christmas is his busiest time of the year, which means a rather large bottle of vodka lives in my kitchen cupboard never being downed.

We all know what vodka smells like, to me it smells of paint stripper and anything smelling that bad I really don’t want to drink, if you know what I mean. So there must be other uses for this spirit except drinking. I know that it can be used for cooking and cleaning cuts. I don’t know how I know vodka is good for cleaning cuts, but it’s one of those pieces of information you pick up and always remember. I thought I would find out if vodka was good for anything else so I could use up the contents of this dust collecting bottle. To my amazement there are lots of fantastic things you can use vodka for but here is my top 10.

Top 10 Vodka Uses


  • Make Your Flowers Last Longer – Add a few drops of vodka and teaspoon of sugar to the water in your vase
  • Painless Removal of a Plaster – Take a ball of cotton wool and soak it in some vodka, then saturate the plaster with your vodka soaked cotton wool. The vodka dissolves the adhesive.
  • Heal Cold Sores – Pour some vodka over a cotton bud and dab on your cold sore to help it heal quicker
  • Homemade Febreeze – Vodka is so strong that it kills every day odours. Just add some vodka to an empty spray bottle and spray your furniture, clothes, car interior etc.. (make sure the area you are spraying is well ventilated)
  • Clean Your Windows – Dilute your vodka to the ratio 1:1 with water and pour into a spray bottle. Spray on your windows like you would a window cleaner, wipe off with recycled newspaper and your windows will be gleaming.
  • Weed Killer – Combine one shot of vodka with a few drops of washing up liquid and 2 cups of water. Add your mixture to a spray bottle and spray your weeds in the morning. As the day warms up your weed killer will start to work.
  • Remove Stickers From Jars & Gifts – Take some cotton wall and soak in some vodka and then dab the cotton wall over the sticker. The vodka dissolves the sticky glue without damaging the product underneath.
  • Reusable Ice Pack – Pour half a cup of vodka and half a cup of water into a zip close freezer bag and then place in the freezer for an ice pack you can use time after time.
  • Deodour Feet -Soak your feet in a bowl of warm water and vodka ratio 1:2, to give them a deep clean and deodorize.
  • Clean Jewellery – Soak any jewellery comprising of diamonds, emeralds or any other precious stone in vodka for 5 minutes, then rinse in cold water and dry.

 What fantastic uses do you have for vodka for?


6 responses to “10 Unusual Uses For Vodka

  1. Interesting! Never knew vodka had so many alternate uses! Not sure how I’d feel about using it for some of them though – feet soaked in vodka? sounds rather decedant – and using it as weedkiller? Don’t know that I could! It’s the 20 year old in me telling me it’s a waste – even though we had a bottle in our cupboard that hasn’t been touched in 3 years! 🙂 thanks for making me smile this morning!!!

    • I can see what you mean but you are not wasting the Vodka if you are putting it to good use. Glade I made you smile this morning.

  2. It makes a great base for mouthwash. You steep whole spices in it for about a month (anise, cinnamon stick, cloves) and shake it every once in a while. When it’s ready to use, you dilute it. Works like a charm and no nasty chemicals.

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