Reflection, Memories & Experiences

Reflection, memories and experiences


This past week has been the biggest roller coaster ride our family have ever been on. Nearly every emotion I can think of has been expressed and lots of clock watching. But during this week there was also plenty of times to  reflect on memories, experiences and what is important?  Family!

I dont just mean the immediate family but the extended family too. Its family who make us the people we are today and  family who hold everyone together in a time of crisis no matter how far away you live from each other.

During this past week I have spent a lot of time trying to escape what has been going on by enjoying the our local countryside and spending time with nature to reflect on what has happened and what will happen next, let emotions out that I have kept bottled up so my children are not too affected as to what is going on and appreciate all that we have and all that I have experienced with my family.

Here is my week of reflection in photos



Image By My Brother ApertureF64


The biggest thing I have learnt this past week is that its good to reflect on what has happened because this makes us stronger people, memories last for ever were objects or people may not be there or ever and all the things we experience in life create the people we are and the people we are going to be.

Sending Love To You All



4 responses to “Reflection, Memories & Experiences

  1. Hi Emma, I don’t know what’s been going on for you, but I’m holding you in my thoughts and sending love; knowing that your faith and love with pull you through whatever it is you are experiencing. xx

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