Screen Free Week 2014



I can’t believe that a year has passed since the last Screen Free Week and it is back next week.  Screen free week is an international celebration where children, families, schools and communities spend 7 days turning OFF all entertainment screened through media such as TV, DVD’s, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones etc … and turning ON life, experiencing the world around us through books, games, walks, swimming, creativity, cooking etc..

It’s time to unplug and play, read, daydream, create, explore nature and spend time with family and friends!

Although my children are small we still took part last year, visiting local attractions such as The Eden Project and Heligan Gardens. We made our own mini city from just a roll of masking tape, cooked loads of different cupcakes and took lots of walks along our local beaches searching for different animals in the rock pools.

Tips For Reducing Screening Time

  • Turn off the TV during meals, encouraging everyone to eat and talk together.
  • Have certain times of the day that screening is alright for example an hour of TV or Computer games after tea.
  • Ban all TV’s, Gaming Consoles, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Ipods etc.. from the bedroom at night time. (In our house there are no TVs in our bedrooms)
  • Have one day a week designated to no screen time at all, you could call this day “family day”.

Tips For Screen Free Activities

  • Teach your child some of your favourite childhood games
  • Plan a picnic or barbecue
  • Feed the ducks
  • Visit local attractions (Check out the local paper for special offers)
  • Create your own vegetable patch and keep a picture diary of how your new vegetable patch is growing
  • Go for a walk
  • Go geocaching
  • Visit your local library
  • Arrange a family get together

For more ideas on what activities you can do during screen free week here.

I am so looking forward to taking part in this year’s Screen Free Week and spending time with my family without any technology being involved.

If you would like to join us for Screen free week you can find out more about this wide world event here.

What activities will you family be taking part during this exciting week?



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