Simple Living Limiting Commitments

Simple Living Limiting Commitments

We all have commitments and just like other people I have a lot that stack and clutter up my time. I have been thinking, it is all good and well simplifying the way our home works for us but we also need to simplify our day to day life as well and my commitments are some of the things I really need to unclutter.

My daily routine revolves around; school runs, house hold jobs, children’s activities, hosting Green Living events, school PTA duties, freelance writing, managing social media, managing my husband’s business accounts and church commitments, just to name a few things.

The results being a lot of things get done but may be not to the best of my ability as my time is so thinly spread out between all these activities and my children get to enjoy everything that they would like to do with or without my full attention. (As I write this my children are enjoying our local swimming pool with their father while I am sat in the lounge watching them through the window). I am always tired, my immune system is always taking a knock, my stress levels are high and I feel sometimes like I am on a merry go round. I bet this sounds familiar to a lot of you and you may even have more commitments feeling the same.

I would like my ideal working and family life to resemble this

  • Chill out weekends where we can spend the day in our pyjamas snuggled up on the sofa watching movies, eating popcorn. Or weekends where we wake up look at the weather and decide what fun activity we are going to do with no rush of going anywhere or doing anything.
  • Not to have to check my diary every time a last minute social opportunity comes up and instead just be spontaneous and say yes and drop everything and go.
  • That all electronic devices can be turned off so that I no one can contact me, only an hour or even two hours a day, to take some me time to enjoy a long soak in the bath, read a book or watch a film.
  • Most importantly have quality time with my family during the week when I am not multi-tasking, doing activities with them and still busy doing other tasks at the same time. (like I am now)

In order to simplify my day to day life I need to look what I think is important in my life and prioritize these things over everything else.

My prioritiesare;

  • Spending quality time with my children and being the best mother I can be for them.
  • Spending quality time with my husband, being more available to support him with work and enjoying his company away from the children.
  • Looking after myself because if I am not healthy or well rested I cannot give my family everything they need.
  • Attending regular bible teaching classes and spending quality time with God to keep my spiritual tank topped up.
  • Support the family income pot so we can go on holidays, and family outings.
  • Socialise with friends and family.

In order to keep these priorities at the forefront of my mind when planning day to day activities and in order for this to happen I need to learn to say NO to some of the other things that take over these priorities. I am really bad at saying no to people though it is ok to say no and people do understand if you are unable to do certain things at that particular moment and you don’t need to feel guilty about saying no or having to explain why said no, note to self and I may need to write this on the fridge “It is ok to say no.”.

When I get asked to do something I need to look at my diary and think

  • Will this affect any quality time I have planned with my children?
  • Does this take up so much time and energy that I will not be able to give my husband the attention I would like to?
  • Will it mean I will have to miss out on my Church groups or lessen my spiritual time with God?
  • How much other work do I have on at the moment, will it reduce the quality of work I am producing, how much time will this work need?
  • Will this increase my stress levels and affect my health?

This is going to be a hard journey for me but as I am so use to a very busy diary, running around in circles and never seeming to be able to just sit or sleep sometimes. I know that once I have reduced my commitments saying No to things I don’t really have the time to do and my life will be simple and calm with an uncluttered mind working overtime.


Is there commitments in your life you could cut out so your life becomes more simple?

Do you struggle to say NO? If not what tips do you have to help us say no?



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