Reuse Your Old Tea Bags

Reuse Your Old Tea Bags

You wouldn’t believe how excited I am at this moment in time. I have found a way I can reuse all those tea bags I use during the week (I use a lot of tea bags as I am a bit of a tea lover) before they end up being pulled apart and the tea being scattered all over our garden.

I usually clean my windows with good old white vinegar like my mother and my grandmother does. I have also found out that I can clean my windows with my old tea bags too (So that saves me some money).

  • Save all your tea bags for a week and then put them in a bowl.
  • Pour 1 litre of boiling hot water over the tea bags and leave to brew for around an hour.
  • After an hour remove the tea bags.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and place it in the bowl of tea. Ring out your cloth and rub down your windows.
  • While your windows are still wet buff them with some old newspaper.
  • Wolla you have gleaming windows.

Old tea bags can also be added to your bath too! Who would have ever known?  If you’ve got a bad case of acne or if your skin is burnt from sun bathing on the beach. You can use old tea bags to provide some relief.  Just wash off the affected areas with cold tea made from used tea bags. After several applications, you’ll feel the calming  and cooling effects.

So now my windows are going to sparking even more as it won’t cost me a penny to clean them and my sons teenage skin will clear up without having to use any toxic acne products.

How do you reuse your old tea bags?



4 responses to “Reuse Your Old Tea Bags

  1. Thanks for sharing. I knew about the eyes, sunburn… tea is slightly astringent (like expensive eye bathing liquids) so on that basis I should have realised that they would also work for tea. By the way, if you drink chamomile tea and grow seedlings to pot on outside, brew up the teabags again for a weaker concoction and use it to water seedlings as it is a mild fungicide and helps prevent damping off.

  2. I’ve never thought of reusing teabags, but come to think of it my gran would always put her pu’er tea leaves in the soil as fertiliser.

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