Love Is In The Air With Coconut Oil

love is in the air with coconut oil

Ok, I have never been a great lover of cooking with olive oil whereas I have always cooked using sunflower oil. Now though I have fallen in love with the most gorgeous, multi-purpose oil ever. COCONUT OIL!

I came across coconut oil a while ago on twitter and I thought I would just see what everyone was saying to find out if it was a load of hype about nothing. It turns out that this is not hype, I have just been slow picking up on it and there are 100s of uses for coconut oil including cooking with it and not to mention it is fantastically healthy for you. (Sorry got a bit over excited then)

So what is coconut oil? Coconut oil is extracted from the meat part of the coconut once the coconut has matured and has been harvest. This oil has been used for cooking, pharmaceuticals and beauty products for approximately over 400 years and contains “good saturated fat” that our bodies need to work and function efficiently.

What are some of uses of coconut oil?

  • Cooking
  • Dietary supplement
  • Bath and Body products
  • Skin and Hair care
  • Weight loss (Although there are claims that coconut oil can help with weight loss I have not yet found any scientific evidence to back up this claim)
  • Wood Polish

What are the health benefits of coconut oil?

  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT’S) – are good saturated fats and are not typically stored as body fat since the body naturally finds it easier to break down these fats into a healthy source of energy (unlike “bad saturated fats like LCT’s)  for the body because the body sends this energy straight to the liver.
  • Lauric Acid – makes up nearly 50% of coconut oil. The body changes Lauric acid into Monolaurin which has; antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties, resulting in coconut oil being an effective remedy for bacterial infections as well as yeast infections. In other words coconut oil is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics that the body will not build up a resistance to (Lauric Acid is also found in abundance in breast milk).

The taste Test

Ok so coconut oil is very good for us I hear you say, but I don’t want all my food to taste like coconut. I completely understand that thought because I was thinking the same  when I was following what everyone was saying on Twitter. They were coming up with some really nice recipes but in the back of my head I was thinking “surely all you can taste is coconut”. There was no better test I thought than to buy a pot of raw coconut oil and make myself a bacon sandwich.

The bacon sandwich test was set. My plan was for on Saturday for lunch I would give my family bacon sandwiches for lunch. We like to use smoky bacon and our bacon to be really crispy as well. I cooked the bacon and pretended I was using our normal sunflower oil in the frying pan but instead I used a teaspoon of coconut oil. I served the sandwiches up and watched around the dining room table as everyone tucked in. Not one person pulled a face or looked at me funny. Halfway through lunch I asked if everyone they were enjoying their bacon sandwiches and everyone replied yes. Even to me my bacon did not taste any different and there was no hint of any coconut oil. Anyway when everyone had finished I asked if anyone had noticed anything different with their bacon sandwich. To which my husband replied, yes the bacon was thicker than normal, did you buy this from the butcher instead of the supermarket? Yes dear, I replied feeling that coconut oil had passed the taste test.

Ever since I have been cooking with coconut oil and it has only been in the last few weeks that my family have just realised what I have been cooking with and that’s only because they came shopping with me.

But I have noticed that since all our meals are cooked in coconut oil instead of sunflower oil, my skin looks better, I have more energy, my children’s’ skin is glowing and there have been less infections in our house.


Coconut oil is now the new love of my life

Have you thought about using coconut oil in your home?

Do you use coconut oil to cook with and if so how do you think you food tastes?

Have you noticed any changes since you have been cooking with coconut oil?


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