Homemade Hummus

Homemade Hummus


Since I was told that my body could no longer cope with digesting Gluten, I have found lunches to be really boring, especially if I don’t have time to plan my lunch days in advance. I had to swap the good old sandwich or cheese on toast for a salad or (if I had time) a back potato instead. I must say since trying to have zero food waste lunch times now consist of left over meals from the day before. Sometimes I just don’t fancy any of these and I just want something quick and easy as well as a bit different.

So around 3 months ago I started buying pots of Hummus, which I really love and the best bit is when I find myself crunching down on some carrots or celery. Hummus is not just really tasty but I can eat it without making my body ill and also eat hummus on the go. Quite often I don’t really get time to stop and have a chilled out lunch break, with no mess hummus I can quickly eat and be on the phone at the same time or write a blog or do some work for my children’s school PTA.

Hummus is not light on your wallet or on the environment at a whopping £1 for 200g and a plastic pot. The pot can be refused but there are only so many small plastic pots you really need. Resulting in a carbon foot print of you delicious hummus lunch being really high.

Anyway this has bothered me a lot, I haven’t wanted to give up my lovely quick lunch as it is something I really enjoy and my body likes it as well. This massive internal fight has been going on for about a month every time I have had hummus for lunch. Then I met a friend for coffee yesterday and hummus came up in conversation (like it does) and she recommended I made my own. But I had tasted homemade hummus before when my mother had made some and I didn’t like the taste as much as the one from the shop (sorry mum). So my friend said she had an easy recipe that she uses and it’s really tasty. By the time I left the coffee shop I had a copy of her recipe in my hand.

Why not give it ago, I thought to myself, I headed straight to the supermarket got the ingredients and headed home. To cut a long story short, last night I felt a bit peckish so I made my friends hummus recipe. This hummus was the best I have ever had and it came with no plastic pots or preservatives.



● Tinned chickpeas (you can use dried ones but you need to soak them first)

● Clove of garlic

● Olive oil (but as I don’t buy olive oil I used Vegetable Oil)

● Lemon juice


  1. Put a good handful of chickpeas in to a food processor with a crushed clove of garlic. (I like garlic so I used 2 cloves, just adjust the recipe to your taste)

  2. Add olive oil and lemon juice to your chickpea garlic mixture, in the ratio of 2 tbs of oil to 1tbs of lemon juice.

  3. Mix the mixture until creamy (If the mixture looks a bit dry just add a bit more oil and lemon juice until you get the consistency you like).

  4. Then empty into a reusable plastic pot and place into the fridge (all ready for my next tasty lunch)

To add some extra flavour to you hummus you can also add all sorts of things to your chickpeas in the first step. These could be anything from peppers, caramelised onion, fresh herbs ….. the list is endless.

Have you ever made hummus before? Do you have a favourite hummus recipe I can try out? What’s you favourite non bread lunchtime meal?



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