Week 4 The Rubbish Diet Challenge (Did we meet our target?)

Week 4 The Rubbish Diet Challenge

Have I officially lost my mind or santanity? Well my neighbours seem to think I have after catching the look on their face this morning when I was out measuring our bin bag I had put out to be collected by the bin men!

I can not believe this is our last week at really concentrating on putting new strategies into place to  reduce our waste rubbish that ends up in landfill. This has be the most exciting and challenging of all challenges we have given ourselves to date.

This week we concentrated on fine tuning everything we have done over the last 3 weeks. The first thing I did was try and work out a much easier way to organise our recycling. Although we had already built a shelf in our shed for all the recycling bags to live  and the girls  enjoy taking the recycling out to the shed.  This still needed looking at as my kitchen units were being clogged with recycling and  my self and the girls were making several journeys to the shed every day. It was getting on my nerves so much and this had to stop!!  Welcome our new recycling box in our kitchen, this was the best thing I think I have every done with the recycling in months and why I never thought about it before, I just dont know. Now all the recycling gets placed into the lovely large blue box that lives next to the kitchen bin. Then after our evening meal the girls and my self carry our box out to the shed and sort through all the days worth of recycling. This also gives me the opportunity to talk to the girls about the different types of recycling we can do and what everything can be recycled into.

I have also carried on shopping naked and my butcher is now my new best friend when it comes to naked shopping.  One of the first things he asks me when I walk through the door is “Can I have your pots please”. I was sooo sooooo soooooo nervures when I first went naked shopping but now I am very confident and and have no issue in asking wherever I happen to be  shopping if they could use my pots. But this week I found I was  running out of pots quickly so I went a bought loads of new ones from my local ASDA at the bargain price of £1 each. These spare pots now live in the boot of my car with all my reusable shopping bags, so no matter where I am I always have my pots.

Which came in really useful on Wednesday when I went out for a church meeting right on lunch time. I did not have time for lunch before I left home, so as you can imagine I was so hungry when I came out the meeting. But luckily there is a lovely sandwich/salad bar across the road from our church. Off I popped to the boot of my car, grabbed a pot then walked into the salad bar and asked for one of their lovely salads and YES had my pot filled with salad.

Our food waste had already reduced to practically nothing by the time this week came along but the one thing I have found is I dont always remember what leftovers are in the fridge before I open the fridge door. So a simple way I could think of to fine tune this problem, is just add a note to the fridge door of all the leftovers meals that have  in the fridge.  This has worked great this week to the point, if I open my fridge door right now I only have milk and a small piece of cheese in there, all ready to be filled up again when I  carry out the weeks shopping this afternoon.


  • Think when you are shopping and bring less stuff home that will end up in landfill. Look at the packaging to check that it can be recycled and shop around and find out if you can buy the same thing but with no packaging. You can also try naked shopping like we have started doing.
  • Compost your food scraps some local councils sell composting bins at a very low price or offer them for free at certain times of the year. The great thing about composting is not only are we reducing the about of waste going out for the bin men but you also end up with fantastic compost for your garden FREE.
  • Recycle not only the items that the council will pick up from the pavement but most supermarkets and some schools, libraries and community centers  collect and old batteries and ink cartridges.
  • Reuse any thing that can be reused.  For example in our house we reuse jars for our homemade sauces, jams, pickling etc.. Odd socks get filled with oats and when we run our children’s bath we add the oat filled sock to their bath instead of using bubble bath filled with toxic chemicals, (and its cheaper) socks with holes in that can not be repaired make great dusters too. Tin cans make great plant pots for growing herbs in your window sill also.

Our target was to reduce our rubbish from 2 big black bags to 1/4 of a bag. But unfortunately we only managed to reduce our rubbish down to 1/2 a bag,  I am not upset by this thoe because we have achieved so much in only 4 weeks and although this challenge has ended with The Rubbish Diet Challenge team, in our house this challenge has not ended and we are going to be continuingly working towards our target and hopefully by this time next year we will be a completely zero waste home.

How is your rubbish diet going? What strategies have you been useing this week? 


4 responses to “Week 4 The Rubbish Diet Challenge (Did we meet our target?)

  1. Brilliant blog Emma – we love to hear how our dieters are getting on – fantastic that you reduced your rubbish by 75%! The rubbish diet really works doesn’t it? You are a true Zero Hero!
    Thank you and have a great weekend (:

  2. Woohoo! Half a bag – that’s a fantastic achievement. I love all your tips and how you’ve put simple and effective strategies in place to achieve your goal. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

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