Simple Living Challenge

simple living challenge

Three weeks ago my husband changed his job and before he changed his job we talked about how we thought the change would affect our family. We thought my husband would be home more, better quality family time and he would be less tired all the time. But now the reality of the job change has hit home and all the things we thought would happen as in fact not happened and his new shift pattern has turned our family life upside down and completely inside out.

As a stay at home mum it has always been my responsibility to run the family home and be the glue that keeps the family running smoothly. Which up until my husbands job change has worked well and I have kept our family well organised and our home beautifully filled with well loved decor. But this change has hit me hard and I felt even more pressure on myself causing days were my get up and go just leaves with no map to find it a or days where I am just so tired that I can not function to my normal ability.

Which has made me re look at everything we are doing and how I really want to live my life! I would like our family in an ideal world to live completely self sufficient but I know our finances at the moment could not allow us to live that way for. (But that dream will always be there) What we can do is simplify our life even more by asking ourselves a few simple questions.

  • What do we want our home to look like?
  • How would we like our family schedule to be like?
  • What is important to us?
  • What are the things we wish we had more time for?
  • What are our families dreams?
  • What are our family’s values and beliefs?

Although these questions look easy to answer when I actually sat down to answer these questions truthfully with just my family in mind not how society would like you to answer they are actually harder to answer than I thought.

After spending time pondering over these questions and pulling back the layers I came to the conclusion that although we have been changing the way we live to a more  environmentally friendly lifestyle, our life was still cluttered which not only cluttered our home but also our minds. Stopping us from functioning in a simple manner which is why we have found it so hard to adapt to my husbands job change.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

So here is the start of our simple living challenge where I am going to simplifying different parts of our home and lives so we can cut out the unclutter that has taken over our home and our minds.

Do you live a simple life? What tips can you give us as we start this journey to live a more simple life?   


3 responses to “Simple Living Challenge

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  2. Hi Emma, I just discovered your blog and it’s fantastic!
    I’m all for joining in your challange, my life and head need simplifying big time. Thanks for all the tips.

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