From Cereal Box To Letter Rack

From Cereal box to letter rack

Each week my children bring home from school letters these can be anything from newsletters, school trips too exam dates. These letters get pinned to my noticed board and then other important letters or coupons get pinned on top. Not only does this look a mess but I it takes me ages to sieve through all the letters to find the information I am looking for.

So I decided I would tackle this problem but with very little money and not really wanting to buy anything new I thought maybe I could make a easy letter rack using a recycled cereal box.


Cereal box to letter rack instructions


  • You now need some PVA glue, a glue brush and some scrap fabric that is slightly bigger than your box (so that it can wrap around your box like you would a parcel) or you could use recycled wrapping paper if you don’t have any scrap fabric big enough.


  • Start by gluing the front of you box and then laying carefully your fabric / paper over the top smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. Then glue the sides and fold the fabric over, yet again smoothing out any wrinkles that appear.
  • Turn your box over so the back of the box is now facing you. Glue and then lay both sides of the remaining fabric over the back and stick down.
  • For the base of the box, glue the cardboard and fold the fabric like you would wrapping a present.  (you may need to glue your fabric in sections as you fold)
  • Turn you box back over so the front is now looking at you and trim the excess fabric were the opening you created is.
  • Using the leftover fabric now glue to the  inside back piece of your box that is going to be on show. This part can be a bit time consuming as you are trying to get your leftovers to fit and cover the rest of your box.
  • Once the box is fully covered in fabric / wrapping paper glue over the top all over the box and then leave to dry. (This extra gluing just gives the cereal box some extra strength.

Sorry this photo is not very good, I seem to have chosen fabric that  does not like my camera.

Any way this is how your box should look now its dry. I hot glued magnets onto the back of mine because I wanted it to stick to the side of our fridge.

I also used the same technique using a recycled tea bag box to hold our elevelope scrap paper so scrap paper was close to hand when ever we needed some.

From Cereal box to letter rack

I love the way our letter and scrap paper racks fit in with our kitchen decor,  organises everything and cost me absolutely nothing to make except an hour of my time.

Hope you have loads of fun making yours and I would love to see pictures of your cereal box letter racks.



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