Week 3 The Rubbish Diet Challenge

Week 3 The Rubbish Diet Challenge


So we have reached the end of week 3 of our 4 week Rubbish Diet Challenge  and surprisingly as the weeks go on everything we have already put into place are already feeling like habit rather than another thing to remember.

Week 1 we gave our bin a big talking too and I just about got the family fully on board.  But now they are fully committed and our 5 and 4 year old enjoyings carrying the recycling out to the shed and putting them in the right bags.

Week 2 we looked at our food waste and how we could reduce our waste down even more. Surprisingly just by following a few simple changes we have reduced our food waste down to almost zero waste. With only a few left over food scrapes on plates going into the bin.

So this brings up too week 3 where we looked at two things the first of these is shopping naked. No i don’t mean I went into the shop with no clothes on  to do my weeks shopping although I expect the looks would of been the same. One of the biggest things that are a problem to our waste is the packaging that our food is covered in and you can’t even get away from it when you go the butchers because they put you lovely local meet into a plastic bag. I do not like the idea of this packaging and I know of people who take their own containers with them when they shop to be filled with the food they want to buy. But I struggled with this and I really did not think I had the nerve to walk into my local butchers or supermarket and ask them to put my sausages, bacon, mince beef etc… into my own pot.

Last week I had conversations with some of my twitter friends that are also taking part in the rubbish diet challenge or are going plastic free about my nervousness to just walk in to shops with my own pots and ask for my food to be placed into them rather than the plastic food wrapping. They all gave me encouragement to just give it a go, so I thought what can I loose? The worst thing that could happen is to refused and still walk out with my food covered in plastic!

So on Monday I left home with a bag full of reuseable plastic tubs and very nervously went shopping for our weeks shop. I thought first I would pay my local butcher a visit and very nervous  walked through the door and queued up to be served. My lovely smiling butcher asked me what I would like and I asked for 6 sausages. (yes I can make 6 sausages stretch to feed 5 people) He picked up the sausages, weighed them and told me how much they would cost. I then produced my plastic pot and asked if he could place the sausages into my pot.  He smiled back at me and said “yes of course, I have never been asked to do this before”. So I went on to tell him what I was doing and why, by the end of the conversation about reducing plastic waste and putting my rubbish bin on a diet my lovely butcher had filled my pots with all the meat I needed for the week. Then as I paid for my purchase he informed me that it was all very interesting and he would look up my blog to read all about our progress.

I walked out the door of the butchers with the biggest smile on my face and feeling really confident. 

But there was one thing I needed that the butchers deli did not have so I headed across the road to Tescos feeling the most confident person in the world. As I only needed chorizo I walked into Tescos with only my pot and walked straight up to the deli counter and asked for 10 slices of chorizo. As they started cutting my slices I then asked if they could put my chorizo into my pot. “Yes” the lady behind the counter said with no questions asked. As she weighed my slices, I handed her my pot and she then placed my chorizo into my pot and placed the lid on. She then asked me what I would  like her to do with the label. Could you stick it on the lid please I replied. As I walked to the self service till to pay and walked out Tescos to my car my smile was now spread right across my face and my confidence had hit the roof.

From now on we are not going to buy our meat covered in any form of plastic food wrap, its all coming home in our reusable plastic pots cutting out a huge amount of waste we would normally have occurred.

This is a photo of the pot I took into Tescos which I took as soon as I got in the car.

The second thing I looked at was our paper waste and although we put our paper into the recycled bin I thought there must be another way we can reuse some of this paper before it ends up being recycled. We get lots of letters through the post that only has print on one side. This paper can still be used so I added it my girls art draw for them to draw pictures on the plane side. But then the envelopes are also a problem waste and can easily be used to jot down notes and to do lists. So I took them apart, tore the gum part off and piled them up ready for that next list to be written or quickly jot down a note the next time I am on the phone.

After such an exciting week we are still on TARGET to reduce our rubbish bin down to 1/4 black bag a week.  And this week we only put 1 black bag out for the bin men and we did not fill our plastic recycling bag so that never went out this week. Yippee we are getting there!

How are you getting on with your RUBBISH BIN CHALLENGE?



4 responses to “Week 3 The Rubbish Diet Challenge

  1. That’s so great that taking your own containers went so well! Your description of what happened is a very similar experience to mine. I find it is actually really enjoyable taking my own containers and I like the conversations it sparks!

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