How To Have A Eco Easter

How To Have A Eco Easter

Its unbelievable to think that in 5 weeks time  our house is going to be filled with children running around trying to find eggs the Easter bunny has left scattered around our house and garden. It feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago we were all sat in my bed unwrapping Christmas presents from Father Christmas.

Each year our  children celebrate Easter by decorating our house with flowers, decorated eggs and stain glass windows they have made. But it is always last minute things I can think of for them to make and rustle together.  This year I would like it to be different and have some sort of plan in my head of what we are going to make in advance and collect everything we need to create these wonderful creations, still  sticking with our family beliefs with everything we do has minimal effect on the environment.

So I hit the internet (my best friend when it comes to inspiration on childrens crafts) and after trolled  through thousands of ideas. But these are the best ones I have found and we will be doing this year.

Easter Basket

Naughty Secretary Club have a fantastic tutorial making Easter baskets perfect for collecting the Easter eggs the Easter bunny has let for little people.

natural_eggs Brighten up the kitchen table with a bowl filled of blown eggs dyed with natural homemade dyes. For example to dye eggs lavender  you need a small amount of purple grape juice violet flowers  and 2 tsp lemon juice red zinger tea bags.  Not only do these eggs create a great dinning room table center piece but they also teach the children about how nature create different natural colour dyes.  Two Men And A Little Farm have full instructions for every natural colour possible.

Nana Company have a great template to make these fun garlands that can easily be adapted to a childrens craft activity by using fabric glue to stick the eggs, chicks, bunnies and carrots to your garland instead of sewing them on.  This activity is also great to use up all those textiles  you no longer need. For example old clothes that no longer fit your children or old bedding.


I love these pom pom bunnies and chicks so much as they bring the outside inside with out useing flowers.  Save those branches from trees you have trimmed and place the branches into medium sized plant pots and fill with pebbles to stabilize your plant pot and stop it from falling over. Hang from from your branch these really cute chicks and bunnies made from those left balls of wool you or a local friend who knits has.  The children will have great fun decorating these and giving each chick or bunny their own personality. H Jemmet has a full tutorial on how to make these here.

I think these egg stands have to be my favorite eco Easter activity/idea I have found.  Not only are they fun to use to hold your boiled eggs in on  Easter Sunday morning,  they are made out nothing but recycled egg boxes, toilet rolls and cardboard boxes. Its their personality that grab me and I think these may be staying out on display well after Easter.  Krokotak have the full instructions on how to make these egg stands here.

Easter is never Easter without chocolate being involved and the shops are always filled with every make and type of Easter egg you can think off. But which chocolate Easter eggs are nice for us to eat and gentle on  the environment? The best chocolates to buy if you are thinking about being more eco friendly this year are fairtrade or organic chocolate eggs. But as you can guess these are sometimes more expensive but from my point of view its worth me spending a little extra on my childrens Easter eggs knowing I am still sticking to our families beliefs that we want to minimise our impact on the environment.

Here are some examples of Organic and Fairtrade chocolate Easter eggs  I can buy my children this year.

moo freeMoo Free


Montezuma’s Chocolate Eggs 


Cocoa Loco


How do you create a fun eco Easter with your children ?


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