Week 2 The Rubbish Diet Challenge

Week 2 The Rubbish Diet ChallengeI can’t believe we are nearly halfway through our Rubbish Diet Challenge.

Last week I concentrated on getting the family on board and giving our bin a big talking too as well as making sure I had the time to shop at our local butchers and fruit and veg shop each week.

This week as part of the challenge we looked at making the most of our food. When I first read the email that came through I thought this would be easy we have been working on having zero waste food in our house for a good few months now. So I sat down with a great big piece of white paper and started to spider graph what we already do to prevent food waste in our home. But what I thought would be a quick and easy spider graph took me the whole of monday to complete. Because while I was doing the  spider graph, I was thinking of new ways we could get  more out of our food.

  1. I bought a fantastic cookbook called A Girl Called Jack 100 Delicious Budget Recipes, which has given me loads of inspiration on turning leftovers into interesting meals.
  2. We started freezing our vegetables so they stayed fresh longer and now as a result we just take the amount of vegetables we need for each meal. Reducing and vegetable waste and there being no more limp soggy carrots hiding in our fridge under the pile of vegetables we buy each week.
  3. Started freezing our vegetable peelings in a freezer bag, once the freezer bag was full popped them into the slowcooker, added some water and walked away. After a few hours our peelings had made us some lovely vegetable stock that I then poured into glass jars and popped into the freezer for another day.
  4. I took our dinner plates to the charity shop and then bought a miss match of smaller dinner plates to help with the portion control at meal time. Not only are plates being cleared now but if someone wants seconds they can or the left overs can be adapted into a new meal for the next day.

As a result of making these few extra changes to the things we already do to reduce food waste such as making sure our fridge is well organised, composting, making our own bread crumbs, just to name a few.  Our bin bags at the end of the week has dramatically reduced to 1  bag being put out for the rubbish men.

At the beginning of  our Rubbish Diet Challenge our target was to reduce our rubbish from 2 great big black bags of down to 1/4 of a black bag.  And only half way through we are down to 1 black back, I think we should give ourselves a high 5.

How are you getting on with your rubbish diet? I would love to hear your tips and tricks you are using to meet your target.  


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