Supermarket-free Me: Shopping Local

supermarket free challenge

Have you ever considered giving up shopping in supermarkets and only shopping in your local shops for everything you need?

The aim of giving up shopping  in supermarkets is to discover how easy it is to buy your food locally without having to go to a supermarket. Is it possible? What benefits does it have? Does it save money, reduce waste, improve your shopping experience and provide you with better quality food?

WestyWrites has done just that and has challenged her family  to give up supermarkets for Lent.

 Read  highs and the lows of WestyWrites supermarket  challenge here.


I am going supermarket-free for Lent. As long as I don’t set foot in a supermarket (or buy from a supermarket internet site) then I will pass the challenge. However, it is important to me that I achieve a little more than that so I am trying to shop locally where I can, and/or from ethical suppliers.

In the past six days I have been in numerous local shops, picking up things I need here and there, hoping that I have all bases covered. It’s been convenient enough for me because, as the mother to small children, I am out and about in the community anyway. Anything – even a trip for toilet paper – can be turned into a mini expedition!

I live in a town with a good selection of shops – there is a mix of chains, franchises and independents but even so, I have discovered…

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