Goo and Spot In The Do Not Wiggle Riddle

Goo and Spot Wiggle Riddle

I love reading books to my children and I am always on the hunt for the next fun book to read to them at bedtime. Which is why I got really excited when Elsa Takaoka asked me to look at her new book with my children and review Goo and Spot, In The Do Not Wriggle Riddle.

Goo and Spot are too fun characters that every child would relate too as they are fun, into everything and sometimes could get into mischief and they do everything together. These two instantly reminded me of my daughter and her bunny who go everywhere  together and get up too all sorts.

In the do not wriggle riddle Goo and spot try really hard to keep still but are unable to keep still because there are too many fun things they could be doing like dancing with flamingos or playing with a juggling jumping pet kangaroo.


This book is packed full with bright colourful pictures and on each page, there are loads of different adventures to talk to your children about and encourage their imagination to come out and play.

I must admit this book was not a hit with my children the first time I read it too them and it took me a little while to understand what the riddle was all about. But after a short while it clicked and I was able to read the riddles in a fun way and asking lots of questions that my girls got excited to see what adventure Goo and Spot were going to get up too on the next page. Jemima my 4 year old particularly enjoyed ‘Is it about jumping in puddles or finding a bug? Is it playing hide and seek with a green squishy slug?’

I think this book is very cleaver by sending out a small lesson to children about sitting still and listening in a very unique fun way, with its bright pictures and its rhyming rhythm. Which very much reminds me of the Dr. Seuss books my parents read to me as a child.


I am most definitely going to be on the look out for more adventures of Goo and Spot in the book stores because I think my girls would enjoy getting to know these characters more and experiencing the fun exciting things they get up too.

 I am off to see if I can find a jumping juggling kangaroo with my children.  What great adventures are you going to get too with Goo and Spot?

Please note that although I have been asked to review this book, the review is off my own personal opinion and I have not been given any royalties to write this review.  

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