Week 1 The Rubbish Diet Challenge

Week 1 The Rubbish Diet Challenge

I have to admit I new this rubbish diet was going to be hard but this week it just seemed impossible and I actually thought the whole house had suddenly decided not to be at all interested in getting involved.  For a start both my son and husband decided it would be a great idea to go through my sons bedroom and the shed. Great I thought until I realised what they were doing.  Instead of separating everything out for the local dump, recycling etc .. it all went into yes black bags.

So not a great start at all but I am not one to give up so this week I thought I would ignore what those two were up too and I would work on them another day but just concentrate on our kitchen bin this week. Which I have to say was a lot less stress than i thought it would be  and I found it quite relaxing sitting on the kitchen  floor yesterday going through the bin picking out all the things people had put in there that could go into the recycling boxes outside.

Any way my first strategy for the week was to make a huge sign to put over the bin.

Stop your bin is on a diet

My second strategy was to look at my self as I make the menus for the week and do all the food shopping because I am home more than my husband. And although I do try and be organised when it comes to these jobs with lots of list writing and apps on my phone so I know what is needed. Some weeks are just so busy I don’t have time to go to the fruit and veg shop and butchers so instead I end up in the supermarket.  So I though I would spend a few hours going through my diary and making sure I allotted time for writing menus for the week and shopping. Not only did this strategy help me cut down on having food wrapped in plastic it also made me feel a lot better in myself while I was shopping and cooking as well as saving us £20 on our food budget because I bought the right about of food that was needed for the week resulting in there was nothing left in the fridge at the the end of the week.

 Zero food waste happy, Bank manager happy and of course RUBBISH BIN very happy.

My target for this week was to get our rubbish bin waste down from 2 great big black bags of rubbish down to 1/4 of a black bag. Well we achieved only putting out 1 1/2 black bags this week (from our kitchen bin) so we are definitely on our way to achieve our target over 4 weeks. And hopefully now the my sons bedroom and the shed is all sorted out their will be no extra rubbish for my family to find over the second week, fingers crossed.

How are you getting on with your Rubbish Diet Challenge? 


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