Sustainable Water Challenge

Sustainable water challenge

Although water covers around 70%  of the Earth’s surface only 1% of this water is available for our use and the average person uses around 378 liters of water a day. But this causes  a  significant stress on our nation’s water resources.  The current statistics  indicate our high use of water is growing rapidly while the water supply continues to be reduce  at an unsustainable rate. The Earth has a  massive challenge in meeting our water demand from the current and our increasing population.

What we can we do in our home and lifestyle to conserve and responsibly sustain our  water supply to ensure we do we do our bit on helping to sustain the worlds water supply? Is one of the biggest questions I have been asking myself this week. So I have set our family a new challenge, the sustainable water challenge.
When I say challenge it is going to be a challenge for my family with little ones who leave the tap running after they have washed their hands and a teenager who loves having long showers.  So before we start this challenge I have sat down a written a list of changes that we need to do in order to cut down our water use and become more resourceful with our water use.
indoor changes
  • Check we don’t have a silent leaky toilet. (Check for toilet tank leaks by adding food coloring to the tank. If the toilet is leaking, color will appear in the toilet bowl within 30 minutes.)
  • Check all the tapes in the house cos even small drips can waste a lot of water over time.
  • Make sure we hand wash a large load of dishes instead of a few plates and cups at a time.
  • Dont let the shower run until it gets warm and stop having baths.
  • Take shorter showers (Shortening your showers even by just one or two minutes can save up to 567 liters of water per month!)
  • Turn the tap off while we are cleaning our teeth.
  • Only turn the washing on when there is a full load.
  • Use a wash basin to rinse fruits and vegetables instead of running the tap.
  • Collect waste water to water outdoor plants with.

outdoor changes

  • Water grass at night or early morning to avoid evaporation
  • Adjust our lawn mower to a higher setting, as taller lawn shades roots and holds soil moisture better than if it is closely clipped.
  • Wash our car with water from a bucket rather than using the hose pipe.
  • Collect rainwater to water the lawn and plants with.
  • Clean our driveway and paths by sweeping instead of using the hose pipe.

Is there anything you can do in your home to help reduce the amount of water you use or any ways you can be more resourceful with your water usage? 


7 responses to “Sustainable Water Challenge

  1. Nice post – how are you getting on with the water challenge? Reducing your water flow from taps and showers is easy to do and really worth looking into as it can save lots of water (and also the energy to heat that water). If you’re interested I’ll send you a water flow measuring bag which you can use to check your current flow rates and see how much you could save.
    Carolyn at

    • Hi Carolyn we are doing ok with our water challenge. We found the bathroom taps leaked water so hubby has put some new washers on and that’s solved the problem. Only thing I am finding hard is a large pile of dishes collecting on my kitchen unit waiting to be washed as I am the kind of person who likes a clean kitchen. I just wish we had space for a dishwasher as then only one load of washing would need to take place a day.

      I would love to try out your water flow measuring bag so we can check out our currant flow rate. Please leave me your email address and I will email you our address.

      I will let you know how we get on in a few days with our challenge but we seem to be heading in the right direction.


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