Make Bananas Fair

Make Bananas Fair
This week Fairtrade have started their campaign to make our trusted favourite fruit bananas fair to both the consumer and the farmer. In the last  10 years, the UK supermarkets  have almost halved the price of loose bananas while the cost of producing them has doubled.
Resulting in us paying in average  11p for a loose banana compared with 18p a decade ago, while a loose apple grown in the UK now on average costs us 20p in the supermarket. Meanwhile living costs for banana farmers and workers (in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador) have rocketed  350%, resulting in these farmers having to between 12 to 14 hours with overtime unpaid, in very difficult conditions and earning  less than £1 per day in some cases.
We can all sign the Make Bananas Fair  petition (which only took me a few minutes to complete) asking the government to urgently step in and investigate the impact of retailer pricing practices.
But we can also show our support for the banana farmers every time we shop with our money by refusing to buy non fairtrade bananas. As supermarkets only stand up and listen when their consumers talk to them with their wallet.
Do you buy Fairtrade  bananas? If you don’t would you consider spending a little extra on your bananas to support the banana farmers?

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