The Rubbish Diet Challenge

The Rubbish Diet Challenge


Even though we have been making loads of changes to our lifestyle for the last year to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, there have been many changes that have been harder than other changes and reducing our waste has been one of them.

I have just come across The Rubbish Diet Challenge  which I think will give us the kick up the bum we need to really sort out the amount of waste we produce in our house throughout week.  Even though we try and be  careful about how much packaging our food is covered in and how many products we buy in plastic bottles etc… we still end up with 2 great big black bags being put out for the rubbish men each week alongside our recycling bins.

How the rubbish diet works


This diet works very similar to a diet we all all go on to loose weight to fit in those jeans we have not worn for over 10 years.  You decide your goal on how much rubbish you would like to reduce and and make small changes over 4 weeks to slim down your bin and the amount of rubbish you are adding to landfill sites.

To help you along the way the Bin doctors (thats what they call themselves) send you help full tips and simple ideas  through four easy steps to help you tackle your rubbish waste so you reach the goal you have decided on.

four steps to a slim bin



We have signed upOver the next 4 weeks I will posting on our progress and experiences while taking on this new challenge to put our rubbish bin on a diet.  Hopefully reducing  our rubbish down to 1/4 of a black bag of rubbish a week after the 4 weeks.

Do you have any tips on how you keep your rubbish to the minimum that will help us meet our final target?


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