Non Toxic Nappy Rash Cream

20131020-095027 am.jpg


Although none of my children are in nappies now, when they were in nappies I wish I had known how to make my own nappy cream. Instead of having to use the horrible white sticky stuff that stained clothes and you could never wash off your hands completely. Not only are these creams horrible to apply but they contain chemicals I would rather not put on my babies bottom.

For example Sudocrem – Healing Cream contains

Instead of using these high chemical nappy cream products I have found there are lots of 100% natural ways to help sooth your babies bottom from nappy rash with no chemical insight.

For example:-

Homemade Nappy Rash Cream By Green Child Magazine 




  • Melt the ingredients together in a microwave.
  • Place the bowl in warm water.
  • stir the mixture until creamy.
  • Pour into a glass jar at room temperature.
  • Lightly apply to babies bottom.

What’s your favourite nappy rash remedy?


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