Non Chemical Head Lice Remedy

Non Chemical Head Lice remedy

When my son was at preschool and infant school I was lucky that he always wanted his hair that short that he never seemed to pick up head lice. I have memory of may be covering his head in a horrible toxic remedies a couple of times. But when my girls came along it feels like I have been covering their hair toxic head lice remedies and combing their hair through at least once a week.

On Sunday I was talking to my husband about how I better do the weeks routine of checking our girls hair for head lice when it occurred to me there must be another way of killing any head lice in their hair without using a highly chemical toxic remedy. So after searching the internet for a couple of minutes I came across lots of remedies that I can make from items in kitchen cupboard and totally organic, chemical free.




  • Rinse your child’s hair with the apple cider vinegar BUT don’t wash out and leave to dry.
  • Once the vinegar has dried in your child’s hair rub the coconut oil into the hair and scalp. (Remember to rub the coconut oil into the hair behind the ears and back of your child’s head as well as the rest of the hair)
  • cover your child’s head with a shower cap and leave the oil in your child’s hair for 4 – 8 hours or overnight ideally.
  • Comb your child’s hair with a hair lice comb to remove all the eggs and live.
  • Wash your child’s hair with your normal shampoo

Apple Cider Vinegar – Dissolves the glue which holds the head lice to hair.

Coconut Oil – Smothers the head lice and kills them through suffocation. As well as conditioning and reviving your have follicles.

Hip Hip Hooray  no more head lice and toxic chemicals.

Although the girls did not enjoy having apple vinegar being rinsed through their hair they did enjoy having the coconut oil rubbed into their hair. They also thought it was very funny to go to bed with a shower cap on their head. BUT I was amazed on the Monday morning when I combed their hair through with the head lice comb at how that this non toxic way of killing any eggs of head lice worked. From now on we are NEVER buying any of the other toxic remedies, I am only going to use this coconut oil and apple cider vinegar mix.

What remedies do you use to treat your children for head lice?


3 responses to “Non Chemical Head Lice Remedy

  1. You know, I always wondered if there was a natural way to get rid of head lice! Great post for all those who are wary of using chemicals in their child’s hair!

  2. In Spain, there’s a similar cure. Smother the child’s head and hair with olive oil. Lice breathe through their bodies and suffocate. Do this weekly, they also get lovely hair conditioning

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