Why Can’t A Apple Just Be An Apple

Why Can't A Apple Be An Apple

As a child I was lucky enough to live next door to my grandparents who had several different varieties of  apple trees in their garden from eating apples to cooking apples. I loved going out with them to collect the apples that had fallen and there was nothing better than eating a fresh apple straight from the tree or eating a pudding made from my grandparents fresh cooking apples.

This love for apples I have  insulted  in my children  resulting in the apples always being the first fruit to run out in our fruit bowl no matter how many I buy.

Scientists from the University of California have found away to create a “Diet Apple” by modifying the apples make up. They have found away to stop apples from producing fructose (which is a natural sugar found  in most fruit) and produce a sweetener called  Sorbital. Resulting in these apples containing over half the calories a normal naturally grown apples produce.  Although for the moment they have no amediate plans for these apples to hit our supermarkets the scientist are also looking at  other fruit they could add to the “Diet Fruits”  range such as plums, peaches and pears.

But if that was not scary enough a new GMO apple will be on sale in our supermarkets from as early as 2014! This new breed of apple has been developed by scientists in Canada. It has been widely reported in the last week this new breed of apple will stay fresh for weeks and weeks due to the gene that causes apples to go brown being “silenced”

What does this silencing mean? Well from what I can understand if you drop the new GMO apple it will not bruise and when  you cut open your apple and expose the white flesh  for weeks it will not go brown and look fresh to eat.

I find this all very very scary and I really don’t understand why scientist can not leave the lovely apple alone.

What are do you think of these two new types of apples?


2 responses to “Why Can’t A Apple Just Be An Apple

  1. What??? A diet apple?? It is so sad that man has to tamper with everything that was meant to be enjoyed naturally! Next they will be telling us that water, fruits and vegetables are not healthy for us!

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