Eco Femme

Eco Femme

There is one thing I have in common with every women on this planet, the menstruation cycle. Some women embrace it and I just find it to be another thing I have to deal with each month. Any way during those seven days of the month tampons and sanitary pads become my best friend.

On average one women will use over 11,000 tampons or sanitary pads in their life time and will use up too 22 femme products during one months menstruation cycle. Which is a lot of tampons and sanitary pads!

But are these femme products safe for our body or are they secretly harming our body while helping us during our menstruation cycle? What do we really know about these products and should we be looking at them more intensely as we rely on them so much?

Although there are a huge amount of different femme companies filling up the shelves in our supermarkets none of them list pacific raw ingredients they use to make them so we have no idea what chemicals are used. Which to me is a very scary thought!

But there are a few things we do know about these products and the chemicals that are used to create them and make them work to their full potential are not very nice at all.

  • BPA & BPS (bis phenol A, bis phenol S) – Disrupts embryonic development and are linked to heart disease and cancer.
  • Phthalates (gives the smooth feel and finish on tampon applicators) – Are linked to dysregulate gene expression.
  • Synthetics and Plastics – Restrict the free flow of air and can trap dampness, promoting the growth of yeast and bacteria in the vaginal area.
  • Chlorine (commonly used for bleaching the fibres to create the clean white look) – Can create toxic dioxin which has been linked to abnormal tissue growth in the abdomen and immune system suppression.

Not to mention the fragrances which are commonly used in femme products which have been linked to cause cancer and hotmail or reproductive toxicity.

You can find out more information at Naturally Savvy’s book Label Lessons By Andrea Donsky & Lisa Tsakos

So what safer femme alternative products are available on the market to help us?

Eco Tampons

  1. Femmecup Menstrual Reusable Cup –  The Femmecup is a soft reusable menstrual cup, an alternative to tampons. It is worn internally but unlike a tampon it collects the flow instead of absorbing it. This cup contains no bleaches, chemicals, absorbency gels or toxins and can be worn safely for up to 12 hours.
  2. Organyc Applicator Tampons – This tampon has a soft rounded tip applicator is provided for gentle insertion. Made from 100% pure cotton  reducing  the risk of irritations and allergies.
  3. Sea Pearls Natural Sea Sponge Tampons – These sponge tampons are made from 100% natural sea sponge. To use simply soak the sponge in water, thoroughly squeeze out the excess and insert like a normal tampon. When  removed just rinse the sponge under water then leave it to soak in a tea-tree oil or salt-water solution for 15 minutes, and it will be ready to use again.

Eco Sanity Pads

  1. Charlie Banana Washable Sanitary Pads – Charlie pads feature a soft white fleece top layer for comfort, an absorbent core and a waterproof PUL back. They are free from all chemicals and once used can be washed in your washing machine ready for the next use.
  2. Nature Womencare Sanitary Towels – Naty sanitary towels are 100 per cent chlorine-free, biodegradable. The towels have a top layer of nonwoven tree pulp, an absorbency layer of natural tree pulp and super-absorbents, and a bottom layer made from 100 % natural, GM-free corn.
  3. Natracare Organic Pads With Wings – Natracare pads do not contain synthetic materials, chemical additives such as binders or surfactants, fragrances or dyes and because of the organic and natural materials used, are over 95 percent biodegradable and compostable. The absorbent core of the pad is made from forest stewardship council certified pulp and the cover that is next to your skin is certified organic 100 percent cotton. The pads are individually wrapped in biodegradable purse packs.

What Eco Femme products would recommend?

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