Zero Junk Mail Waste

Zero Junk Mail Waste

While being at home recovering from my accident and waiting for my operation I have come to the realization that on 4 days out of 6 the only post that gets delivered to our house is junk mail that then ends up in our recycling bin. Not only is this annoying for receiving huge amounts of junk mail but also a complete waste of the earths environmental  supplies.

Around 21 billion items of junk mail are delivered through UK doors, which  99.7% end up in recycling bins or in the general rubbish. With only 0.03% ever being read before being thrown away.

junk mail cartoon

Although you cannot stop all the junk mail that comes through your door (these are leaflets and newspapers that get delivered  through your door even if you have a note on your door asking them to stop)  you can reduce and stop a huge amount of junk mail ending up on your doormat. Here are a few tips on reducing your junk mail.

Mail Preference Service 

  • Junk mail addressed directly to you is sent out by companies who have bought your details from a data base or as a result of you buying something from a company and have ticked the box saying “from time to time we might send mail from carefully selected companies” while filling out the delivery details. To stop this kind of junk mail you can contact each company individually and ask for your address to be taken of their mailing list. Or you can register and  fill out a simple form with MPS (Mail Preference Service) who can stop 95% of all your addressed junk mail.

Unaddressed Mail 

  • Unfortunately If you received mail addressed to the ‘Occupier’ or ‘The householder’ this mail is still classed as direct mail and the Post office has to legally deliver to your address. The only thing you can do with this mail is either recycle or send back to the company who sent it to you in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Opt Out 

  • If you are receiving leaflets or unaddressed junk mail delivered  to you through the post man (Royal Mail) you can fill in a simple form called Door To Door Opt Outs. This form enables you to STOP receiving this type of junk mail for 2 years. BUT you must remember to re-fill in the form after the 2 years or else you will start receiving this type of junk mail once more.

Have you found a great way to stop receiving junk mail? 


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