4 Things I learnt From A Princess Party

Princess Party

My daughter announced that this year she would like a princess party which was a complete shock to me as she is not a girly girl and I had been planning in my head a cars theme  party as she is addicted to fast cars. Yes I know and she is still only 5. I think Daddy brushes off on her.

Lesson 1 Don’t underestimate your children’s birthday plans they have in their head

I completely underestimated the plans a 4 year old would have in their head about their 5th Birthday Party. I was thinking a few balloons,  a birthday banner and a BBQ to feed the guests. Oh and not forgetting the birthday cake. I was thinking this way because this is how we have always done birthdays before. But how wrong I was!

Princess Birthday Decorations

Lesson 2  Don’t send out loads of invites thinking that some children will not be able to come

I had convinced my self that some of my daughters friends would not be able to come due to their family’s other commitments. So I sent out 26 yes that’s right 26 invites hoping at least 10 would not be able to make the party. But what I did not think off was that only 2 children would  RSVP which meant on the off chance all 26 children would turn up on the day and we would have to cater enough food, party gifts and game prizes for 26 children. BUT still in the back of my head I really thought most of them would not be able to come. Sorry I forgot to mention all 26 children come to our daughters fun filled party.

Princess Party Food

Birthday Cake By Melz Designz 

Lesson 3 Have a good back up plan if the weather does not go your way
I had planned on the weather being really sunny and hot as her birthday is in June and typically the weather in June is lovely.  So the plan was a BBQ in our back garden with the sandpit, paddling pool, trampoline and a few party games. The whole week leading up to the party it did nothing but rain but I kept saying NO it will be sunny on Saturday and everything will be fine. But of course we woke up in the morning to rain. AHHHHHHHHH our house is average size for our family of 5 but not massive enough I thought for 26 children and their parents. The panic set in! True to nature my friends rallied around and up went a gazebo, dressing up clothes arrived and a strong coffee to calm my stress levels down.
When the party got into full steam I don’t know what I was worrying about everyone fitted in our house and in between the showers the children went out to play on the trampoline and every child was given a tube of big bubbles to play with out side. Then while the rain watered the garden we played pass the parcel, musical bumps and Simon says. Every child went home with a smile on their face and most of all the Birthday Girl had a fantastic time.
Princess Party Girl
Lesson 4 Hire a school hall or church hall rather than holding the party at your house
Although we all had a great time at our daughters birthday party and the birthday girl and her friend’s had a great time. Holding the party in our home was quit a stressful experience during the clean up. Finding food in places that you would not imagine food and the whole house turned up side down. Were in a hall all the clean up is in one room and takes half the time to put the hall back straight. Then when you return home after the party you can sit and relax with a lovely cold adults drink!
Princess Daddy Clearing Up
But I have to say the clearing up  after the party was completely entertaining when your husband is dressed like this.
Have you held any parties were afterwards you would of done something different?
Do You have any tips on hosting children’s birthday parties?

2 responses to “4 Things I learnt From A Princess Party

    • We always had fantastic parties as children. My youngest daughters party is at the end of the month and I have learnt a lot of lessons in preparation for the next big party. Oh its a Mini Mouse theme if you have any ideas they would be truly appreciated.

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