Natures All Purpose Cleaner

Natures All Purpose Cleaner

Like most people my Kitchen cleaning cupboard is full of different cleaning products for every sort of cleaning possible. Which are full of toxic ingredients  that not good on the environment, your skin or the air in your home. But then I came across a great book called Zero Waste Home By Bea Johnson who talked about creating a natural cleaner that does all your cleaning jobs in your house for a few pence.

I liked this idea, not only is this cleaner made from natures ingredients, saves me money but it also saves me space in my cupboard. So I thought I would give it a go and test out this recipe and see if it could actually do everything Bea Johnson was stating.

I hit the internet and ordered the key ingredient and waited patiently not sure what was going to arrive and if it will at all work. As I have tried over the years different recipes and they have not been as good as bought cleaners.  After a few days a exciting package arrived.  Straight away my husband and I started to play and followed Bea’s instructions and gave the cleaner the challenge to clean everything in my house from dishes, oven (which I do not enjoy cleaning), bathroom, floors, units. You name it I cleaned it!

To our amazement this cleaner did a better job than I could of ever thought off. Our dishes were sparkling and the oven has never looked so clean with no elbow scrubbing from us. As this all purpose cleaner does not cut through dirt but dissolves it.  So all the other cleaners were removed from our house and now this is the ONLY cleaner we use to clean our house.

How To Make Natures All Purpose Cleaner



  • Mix 1 1/2 ts (Although I found 3 ts worked better in this mixture) of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Pure-Castile Soap with 4 cups of warm water and 3 ts of white vinegar.
  • Pour into you spray bottle and then you are ready to go and clean.

 I highly recommend you give this cleaner a go and read the book Zero Waste Home as this book is an extremely interesting read with loads of ideas on how you minimize your waste at home.


5 responses to “Natures All Purpose Cleaner

  1. This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Best wishes! Where are your contact details though?

    • Thank you, my contact details are on the contact page next to the home page. You can email me at mommmyemu@gmail or you can tweet me on twitter.

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