Top 5 Fun Children’s Activities For Screen Free Week

Top 5 Fun Activities
Today is the start of  world wide screen free week and although I am looking forward to this week I am am also a little nervousness that some of the activities I have planned will not last the full week.  So I have been doing some web surfing this morning while the children have been at school to see if I get some more inspiration for different fun activities I can add to my list of creativity this week.
With just a short search I have come across 100’s of great activities that we can do costing us either nothing because we already have the materials in the house or just a few pounds.
But here are my top 5 fun filled activities.
Making A Cardboard Box Boat
Sail away with a homemade  boat created from a old cardboard box, tissue paper, paint and the base of a old pizza board. Full instructions here.
Compost Sensory Play
Bath time fun with a sensory bath time compost play. Created from bath crayons,   children’s watering can, shaving foam, food colouring, baking soda and jelly worms.  Full instructions here.
Velcro Catch Ball
Garden fun with a twist of perfecting your hand eye co-ordination with this handmade Velcro catch ball game. All you need is some winter gloves, Velcro with a sticky back and some ping pong balls. Full instructions here.
Junk Modeling Mini Biplane
I love junk modeling but this mini biplane takes junk modeling to another level in our house. All you need is a toilet roll, cereal box, masking tape and plastic cup. Full instructions here.
Homemade Marble Run
I can remember having hours of fun playing with marbles in our family living room. My brother and sister use to make up all sorts of games but I wish we made this marble run as it looks such great fun. I think the children may be fighting for their turn when we create this one because I think mummy might be having to much fun. All you need to some cardboard tubes, cardboard boxes, blue tack, sellotape and of course loads of marbles. Full instructions here.
For loads more exciting fun ideas of different activities you can enjoy with your children please pop over to my Pinterest Page and have a look.
What other great fun activities can you think off that we can do?

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