Screen Free Week

Screen Free Week
Children around the world spend too much time sat in front of a screen instead of enjoying the out doors and stretching there imagination. Around 32 hours on average a week children spend sat in front of technology such as t.v, gaming consoles  mobile phones just to name a few. These children are being influenced by what they see and hear on these devises which as a result changes our children’s behavior, influences their way of thinking and deprives them of hands on creative play.
Screen Free Week is about turning off all technology and re-grabbing our children’s creative leaning, constructive problem solving , creations, exploring their own ideas and experiencing the world around them first hand.
So for this week my family are  joining the screen free week, during this week I will be taking loads of photos so I can update you on how our week went and weather it was a painful experience pulling my children away from technology or weather my children embraced a fun filled week. I do have a little advantage as two of my children are 3 and 4 years old and apart from tv they are not too hooked on technology but my 15 year old may be a different matter.
Screen Free Week Activity Plan
I have come up with a few ideas of different activity’s  for us take part in during screen free week that the whole family can take part in no matter what the age or creativity ability.
I am so looking forward to this week of no technology.
If you would like to join us for Screen free week you can find out more about this wide world event here.
What activities will you family be taking part during this exciting week?

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