4 Top Homemade Cleaning Products For Spring

4 Top Handmade Cleaning Products For Spring
At the beginning  of spring there is always a tradition to spring clean your house and I always wondered were this tradition came from. The web is  mind boggling full of information on the history of spring cleaning but from what I can understand from the information I have read the tradition started in the Middle East and with the Jews.
The  Middle East believe the  beginning of spring  is to renew one spirit, add a new life and cast off the old. Part of their tradition is buying new clothes, bringing fresh flowers into the house and of course a good clean.
The Jewish tradition begins just before Passover which is just after the beginning of spring.  Before Passover starts the Jews clean their houses from top to bottom to make sure all bread crumbs have been removed from the house as they are not allowed to eat  unleavened bread, not even a crumb during Passover.
So traditionally spring reminds us all we can start anew and we are given a second chance to learn from our mistakes and can apply these lessons in our lives!
Lets Start Spring Cleaning
1 Wood Polish Makes 200ml 
100ml rapeseed or olive oil
100ml vinegar
A few drops of essential oil (optional)
  • Shake the oil and vinegar in a jar
  • Wipe on cloth and polish off with another
2 Window Wash makes 500ml
5ooml Warm water
3 tbsp vinegar
Squeeze of plant-based detergent
  • Mix the water and vinegar, then add the detergent
  • Use a microfiber cloth or sponge to wipe on enough wash so that it doesn’t dry immediately
  • Dry  with scrunched newspaper
  • Finish by buffering the glass with a fresh cloth

3 Drain Freshener 
250g Sodium Bicarbonate
1 litre of boiling water
A few strips of unwaxed lemon peel or a few drops of lavender essential oil

  • Pour the Sodium Bicarbonate down the sink or drain
  • Follow with boiling water
  • Then lemon or lavender to fragrance

4 Herbal Cleaner makes 500ml
5 Large sprigs of rosemary
500ml Boiling water
Plant-based detergent

  • Tear up rosemary leaves and place in bucket
  • Pour on boiling water t cover them and infuse for 5-10 minutes
  • Add a couple of squeezes of detergent and whisk together
  • Use to clean dishes or remove dirt from surfaces
Do you have any other tips on making your own cleaning products?
Happy Spring Cleaning

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