Hello Spring

Spring is here
Spring has arrived although I think someone needs to tell the weather that too. But any way spring is here and its time for a spring clean out and redecorate our kitchen as it really is looking very drab. We have not decorated the kitchen since we moved in which was back in 2010. Ahhhh thats a long time for me not to get a paint brush out.
My husband and I have completely different tastes when it comes to color and style so after a lot of looking at paint chips and painting patches all over the kitchen we finally came up with a color that we both liked and also looked good with the curtains I bought at a local charity shop for £2.00
Our Kitchen
With all this spring decorating I have been shopping around for some new kitchen ware that are environmentally friendly, extremely useful and stylish for our kitchen. I have come across some great sites with some fantastic pieces. So I thought I would share with you my best 4 finds.
For the kitchen
  1.  http://amnestyshop.org.uk/duck-egg-blue-mug.html – This handmade glazed ceramic mug is a beautiful duck-egg blueon the outside and pale cream on the inside. £5.70
  2. Etsy Shop: Napolinea – spring crochet basket, natural, eco friendly £10.25
  3. http://www.greenshop.co.uk/green-spot-egg-cup – What a great way to start your day by having a softly boiled egg
    in one of these wonderful egg cups. £2.93
  4. Etsy Shop: TheGreenHaven – Reusable Paper Towels Half Set of 6 Eco-Friendly
    Snapping Up Paper Towel Choose Your Fabrics Cotton and Terry Cloth £23.55

But of course after all this shopping and decorating for our kitchen I could not forget to treat my self to something to spruce up my  spring wardrobe.

Sea pottery necklace


Beautiful necklace made with a massive 15 pieces of genuine
sea pottery collected from the Cornish Coast £68.00

How are you celebrating the return of spring? Are you spring cleaning and redecorating your home or are you pulling out the weeds in the garden to spruce it up after the winter months?



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