Time To Take Time Out From The Buzz Of Life

Emu Family Spring Break
Over Easter we took a break from every day life for a few days and took a spring break.  We did not go and stay in a nice hotel or B&B we decided we were going to stay at home, turn the phones and computers off and visit some of the local surroundings  and enjoy the beauty we have on our door step.
This was a risk do the extremely cold weather we have all been experiencing and the the rain that never seem as if it was going to stop.  But luckily we  experienced lovely sunshine and I even put my shorts on at one point. Yes that’s right I got my legs out at the beginning of April.
Polkerris Beach, Cornwall
First we visited a little sandy Cornish cove called Polkerris , tucked away in an area of outstanding natural beauty close to Fowey in South East Cornwall. (About half an hour drive from were we live)  We spent the day exploring the rock pools were the girls were introduced to there very first crab. Which they had mixed reactions about. Eleanor just wanted to hide away but Jemima was braver and wanted to try and hold the crab, although backed out once she saw it was moving.
After seeing large tracks in the sand we made up a story about a baby dragon that lives on the beach. We then went hunting for clues to were the dragon may live and the girls found a cave they thought might be the dragons home. They both enjoyed climbing into the dragons cave  but were completed scared when there brother jumped out from behind a rock shouting ROAR.
We finished are adventurer at the Rashleigh Inn which is situated looking over Polkerris beach for baskets of cheesy chips and a pint of the local beer.  We had a fantastic day and us adults enjoyed the day just as much as the children.  I was even able to collect a huge bag of drift wood for  my next art project.
Charlestown, Cornwall
During our spring break we also visited the historical harbor Charlestown which amazingly is only a 20 minute drive from were we live but we very rarely visit and we should visit a lot more because its such a special place.
Charlestown harbor was built in 1810 for the export of copper and china clay. The harbor has not changed a lot since it was built except it no longer works as a port for copper and clay any more but is the home to a small fishing fleet and a collection of tall ships.
We spent our time exploring the harbor, running through old tunnels that the copper and clay use to travel through and looking at the tall ship docked  in the harbor. The children loved the way their voiced echoed through the tunnels and were fascinated by the tall ship, were they made up stories about pirates coming to town.
Afterwards we walked down on to the pebble cove on the other side of the harbor wall enjoying some Cornish ice cream and building pebble castles.  Just down  from were we were sitting there was some people digging and looking for treasure. We went over and joined them, although we never found any thing they did find some old coins.
Old Coins
We had a fantastic few days break from all the buzz of  everyday life and reconnecting with the beautiful unique places we have right on our door stop.  But most importantly we had fun creating fantastic memories for the future.
We have made a promise to each other to not continue taking these lovely places for granted any more and to take these mini breaks more often to explore more of  the local place  in Cornwall near were we live.
Do you take these mini breaks were you explore the area around you?   I would love to hear about the adventures you get up too.  If you don’t is it something  you may consider doing with your family?
Thanks for stopping by

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