How To Make A Pencil Case From A Old Plastic Bottle

My children love to draw weather we are at home,  in the car on long  journeys or at different events. I normally carry around a plastic box full of coloring pencils and a pad each for them to use. But as you can imagine with any family there are always arguments over the pencils.  So I have been on the look out for some nice pencil cases for them but have not found any I really like.

As a result I got to the drawing board and thought there must be a practical way I could make them a pencil cases each which would be durable to cope with a 3 and 4 year old, easy to keep clean and would fit nicely into there back packs.  After a lot of thinking and trying out different designs I came up  with one using recycled plastic bottles that were bought from local shops with ready made drink in.

So here is the result

Bottle Pencil Case

My children love them because not only are they easy to carry they can see their colored pencils and each case is made using their favorite colored fabric.

These pencil cases are easy to make and I made 3 in the space of a evening. To make these pencil cases all you need to do is:

Step 1 Bottle Pencil Case

1) Take a plastic bottle and with sharp scissors cut the top off the bottle just above were the label sits.

2) Making sure you are in a well ventilated room take a lighter and melt along the edge of your bottle were you made your cut. This is ensures there are no sharp edges on your bottle for little fingers to get hurt on.

3) (Sorry its not very clear on this picture) You need to take a sharp nail or pin and create a row of holes evenly spaced around the top of the bottle just under were you cut the top off. (This is were you are going to attach your fabric latter)

step 2 plastic bottle pencil case

4) Take your scrap fabric and cut any depth you would like the top of your pencil case to be remembering to allow a 5mm top and bottom seem line. The length of your fabric needs to be long enough to go around your bottle and again allowing a 5mm seem line on both sides. (Sorry I can not give you exact measurements but every make  bottle is a different size.)

step 3 plastic bottle pencil case 5) Fold over each small side of your fabric by 5mm and sew the seems of your fabric. Then Fold over your top piece of fabric by 5mm and pin into position and sew as close to the edge line as you can. This is so you can create a channel for your ribbon. Then thread your ribbon through the channel, cut to your desired length and tie a not on the ends so they can not be pulled through by little fingers.

6) Wrap your fabric around the bottle and pin together so the fabric is tight to the bottle. (This can be tricky and may take a few attempts) Then slide your fabric off your bottle and sew up the lines of your pins. But DON’T sew all the way up stop at your top or ribbon channel seem line. Other wise you wont be able to pull your ribbon tight at the end to create your bow.

step 4 bottle pencil case

7) Slide you fabric onto your bottle inside out and with the ribbon at the bottom of the bottle like in picture 7. Fold over the bottom edge by around  5mm all the way around. Now with a needle and thread sew your fabric to the bottle using the holes you punched in the beginning. (Step 3)  Once you have sewn all the way around and secured your thread with a tight not. Take the top piece of your fabric were the ribbon is and gently slide up the bottle so your fabric turns the right side out.

Bottle Pencil Case

8) Well la you your pencil case is complete and all you need to do is fill it with pencils or you could use them as a storage  for your different craft supplies.  When filled just pull your ribbons together and tie a nice bow.

I hope you have as much fun making your pencil cases as I did and I am sure your little people will love them too.

I would love to hear how you have got on.  Do  you any other ideas on how to  make  fun pencil cases? I would love to hear them too.



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