Block Printing

While I am raiding car boot sales  and secondhand shops for fabric to use in my designs I come across lots of plain bedding and I have always been interested in printing my own designs onto this fabric to incorporate into my designs.  But I never new how I could do this on a small budget with out buying lots of screen printing materials that can be costly. Then I came across Lino Block printing which only costs £25 for the basic kit.

Speed Ball Block Printing

The kit arrived with everything I needed to create one printing block and all I needed to do was get my head around the instructions that are not that clear. Looking back I think I should started with a easy design but me being me I though my self in with one of my bird designs. It took a few cutting attempts to understand the process and my first attempt created some interesting results.

Block Printing BirdsMy First attempt

After playing around with different techniques I found it really easy to cut out my designs and print them on to paper.

Love birdsSecond attempt at a design

Now I had printing on paper sussed I wanted to print my designs on to fabric but was not sure on how to tackle this part  so after searching the internet  for advice I found the best way to block print designs onto fabric was take some old cardboard from a cardboard box and using masking tape, tape your fabric to the cardboard to stop the fabric from moving all over place while printing.

Fish block printed fabricMy First attempt at block printing on fabric

I am so pleased with the results and still can not be leave how easy it was to print my design on this recycled bedding sheet.  As I said in the beginning I have always wanted to incorporate my own printed fabric into my designs. And I thought this  fish print fabric would look great with my Cornish seagull designs that I have added these fish to my seagul lavender pillows.

Seagull Lavender Pillow

Cornish Seagull Lavender Pillow 

I have enjoyed learning this new craft so much that I have found my second love after sewing. If you have ever been interested in trying out block printing I would highly recommend giving it ago and I am sure you will become as hooked as I am.

Please share with us your experiences and any tips you may have on block printing.


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