New Year Resolutions For 2013

I hope you had a a great Christmas and New Year. Here at Emu we had a lovely relaxing time with the family over Christmas and New year.


I am not usually a New Year resolutions person as most of the time I have broken them by the time January has finished and then I am left feeling guilty about breaking them for the rest of the year. But last year although I liked to think I am a organised person and  good at time management I came to the conclusion I am not! I am really bad at burning the candle at both ends to fit family and work commitments all into the 24 hrs of the day and forgetting important things until the last minute and then not giving it my full attention and care because I have little time to complete the task.

So I have decided that this year my new years  resolution would is to tackle the clutter of disorganization and reorganize my life!

Being Organised

To help me with these goals there are also a few other habits I shall be adopting too.

  • Hang and put away clothes as soon as washed and dried.
  • While the children are having their quite time before bed pack school bags and pack lunches.
  • 10 minutes before bed straiten house so when I come down in the morning its a completely fresh start.

Have you made any New Year Resolutions this year and if so what are they and how do you plan on implementing them? Or do you think New Year Resolutions are just don’t work?  We would love to hear about your New Year Resolution experiences.

Happy 2013 and I hope this year brings you loads of exciting experiences.



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